Is the Fast Food Industry Responsible for the Obesity Epidemic in the United States

Briana Richie 9-17-10 6th period Is the fast food industry responsible for the obesity epidemic in the United States? The fast food industry is not responsible for America’s weight gain. Other countries have fast food restaurants and yet America is the fattest. There are other factors that contribute to it like the lack of excerize, bad eating habits, and poor motivation. This industry isn’t force feeding people, the people have their right to choose what they want to eat. In fact, the restaurants have started serving healthier items. Blaming the fast food industry just isnt fair.

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“Is the Fast Food Industry Responsible for the Obesity Epidemic in the United States”

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No one can grow to be obese just because they eat fast foods. They would have to eat and never get off the couch. Ever since the ‘epidemic’ started people have tried to escape actual excersize and other industries have been thriving off of it. Weight loss suppliments have been created so you can eat all you want and still look good. People always have an excuse as to why they don’t get excersize. Work hours can be long and stressful and a lot of jobs wont require you to get any excersize at all. Parents are always taking care of children and the first chance they get to excersize is often used for resting or getting their nerves together.

The reason most younger people don’t get out much is technology. Television, games, computers, cell phones and other gadgets are always commanding their attention. By the time young people pull away from these distractions, its already bed time. In addition to the lack of excersize, Americans also have bad eating habits. Choosing to eat fast foods on a regular basis is already a bad decision, but making poor choices outside of that is even worse. These are decisions the consumer must make by themselves. The restaurant doesn’t choose for them. Poor dieiting can start all the way from a person’s childhood.

As they grow older they pass it on to their children and it can start as soon as the baby is given a fry of the mother’s plate. It turns into a vicious cycle that results in obesity. I feel that people would live healthier lives if they were more inspired to do so. If all the players on a basketball team weren’t motivated, then the team would constantly lose. The same goes for being healthy. Americans are just too lazy nowadays. Eating fast foods can make you overweight and cause bad skin. It can also hinder people from doing some of the activities they would like.

Society is cruel and those who run into these problems are often ridiculed. That should be reason enough to take caution towards the things they put in their bodies, right? Even though the fast food industry is responsible for offering more unhealthy foods than necessary, it still isnt responsible for the obesity epidemic in the United States. People use them as a scapegoat for their own problems. Its obviously easier than blaming ourselves but it still isnt right. Learning to eat better and make healthier decisions in life could ultimately resolve the epidemic. Taking responsibilty for our own actions is the first step.

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