Obesity Among Us

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Over the course of forty-two years analyzation and statistical models were used to gather and provide results from one hundred and twenty-eight point nine million individuals across one-hundred eighty-nine countries to show three levels of weight from underweight, obesity, and mean BMI. Amongst these levels there are subcategories, these categories include but are not limited to three groups of ages, gender, and geographical areas. These subcategories are essential when it comes to the statistical data in the view of the fact that the obesity epidemic is different in children than amongst adults.

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“Obesity Among Us”

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Children from five to nineteen years of age, twenty years of age, and the remainder of adult ages were analyzed during this study. Children have easy access to a multitude of fast food which makes ensuring organic food being processed amongst children essential. The three main components that are being an increasing problem for children with a high BMI are type two diabetes, negative psychological effects, and lower chances of being academically successful. The Sustainable Development Goals which cover nutrition, health coverage, and a multitude of other concepts.

BMI has continuously increased in every country since 1975 to 2016 in both adults and adolescence. Europe stayed the most consistent when it comes to BMI for both adults and children. It was avow that self-reports were not granted. This would have been worrisome for certain geographical regions who strive for their individuals to look a particular part when it comes to sex, and even age. Statistical models were generally used when acquiring these statistics, as well displaying the findings.

Figure three stated the three levels of weight are underweight, obesity, and mean BMI along with how each country corresponds to each category. North American region BMI in both men and women were significantly higher than other countries, thus confirming the saying we are the the fattest country’. While the country with the lowest number of individuals who are significantly underweight is also North America. The Middle East as well as Africa, correlate positively with the highest population of underweight individuals.

The Monte Carlo algorithm was used to visualizes the data. This stated the mean of the BMI for both boys and girls in 1975 and then again in 2016. You can see a substantial difference when you examine the figure. Part of the statistics that was the biggest shock was that women’s BMI from 1975 to 2016 increased more than the males BMI. However, one part that they failed to put into perspective when it comes to women is the miracle that is child birth.

While yes, everyone’s metabolism changes, women’s bodies change due to having child as well not just from outside factors. When measuring BMI, it is only be fair to add women who have not bared a child, then women who have not bared a child, then the men’s BMI. The first groups they test for this experiment could have not bared any children at all, and the group from 2016 could have bared six children each. This variable can skew the data significantly and give a false conclusion, thus it should be put into perspective.

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