Novel Lord of the Flies

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I think that this novel Lord of The Flies could have tons of appropriate themes but this novel has one main theme/moral. I think that the most appropriate theme for this novel should be the dangers in mob mentality. I reason for why I stated that statement is because in on page 160 in chapter 10 that Jack says they must challenge everyone, and further down the page on page 160 it says that Jack and his hunters try to scare Piggy and attack the others and these specific events in the book lead up to the boys to split into two groups and they were now enemies and Jack and his hunters turned savage in page 179 because it says that Jack and Ralph fight again and that Jack told his hunters to tie up samneric because they told Ralph whenever they got close to him. After this everything was just chaotic and everyone was turning savage. These pieces of evidence clearly indicates that the appropriate them for this book is the dangers in mob mentality.

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The abstract concept being addressed is that the bigger the group is the bigger you power is and if you are too overpowered then things can start to get out of hand like it did in this novel. Also a more in depth piece of evidence is stated on page 152 Immediately after their first successful hunt, Jack’s hunters chant as a group, showing that they prefer to enact violence as a mob, rather than as individuals. Their chanting shows their cohesion, and their delight over killing becomes ritualistic. This indicates that after their first successful hunt they basically turn savage or think that they are superior in the group and they tried to get people into their group and they would give them meat in exchange.

Another piece of evidence that can prove that the theme that I chose was the most appropriate for this novel is on page 69 which states, Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood. This is another example which proves that Jack and his hunters went savage because they started to chant Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood which indicates that they were doing the most to show that they wanted to kill the pig.
Yes universal truths are revealed, supported, or challenged by this theme because this can supported in many ways but it can also be challenged in many ways too because people make big groups that lead up to no good and there are some big groups that lead up to a positive thing and still become successful.

One example that can prove that the theme is supported is when there is a big group of people and then they lead up to no good because it is one simple bad decision that can change a whole group’s perspective of seeing thing.Then everyone can turn savage like Jack and his hunters. This is one way that I can relate the book to the theme that I thought was most appropriate.
One example that can challenge this theme is when a big group is not overpowered and that they help out the society and don’t damage or harm the society of the people in their society.

One way that I can relate this example to the book is when they had barely crash landed and they were all cooperating with each other and they were all making shelters and they all united with each other but due to some conflicts they all separated into two groups and just started to turn savage and fight against each other instead of cooperating with each other just like they did in the beginning of the novel. These are some abstracts that support and challenge the theme that I chose.

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