A Need to Abolish the Electoral College

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The Electoral College undermines democracy. Votes are the voice of the people and should be heard directly from them not from electors who get to choose for the people. The Electoral College is a holdover from the Founding Fathers that should be abolished because it undergoes inequitable representation, it neglects peoples will, and it is anti democratic.

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“A Need to Abolish the Electoral College”

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The voting system for presidential elections established as a compromise between the congress and the popular vote by qualified citizens- is deemed unfair. While this system is complex it is also incapable of adequately representing the people. The number of electoral votes per state is apportioned (distributed) every ten years based on the results of the US Census. (Doc. A) this statement shows how unfair the system is due to the census changing only once every ten years. Meaning that if the population increases or decreases they would have to wait ten years to be able to gain or lose electoral votes, making the system impractical.

The Electoral College ignores the will of the people and dissuades people from voting. While voting is remarkably important, one does get discouraged when your presidential candidate, with the popular vote majority, loses the presidential race. Evidence similar to that of Document G demonstrate how sometimes the electoral results differ from those of the popular vote. One presidential race shown in Document G was the one from 2000 that showed G.W Bush lose the popular vote yet win the presidency over Gore who won the popular vote with 50,999,897 votes, but who lost the electoral vote which cost him the presidency. This data shows how the Electoral College doesn’t meet the goal of the election which is to reflect the will of the people.

Democracy was intended to give power directly to a citizen’s vote which the Electoral College neglects to do. The Electoral College is anti democratic and flawed. a tie in the electoral vote each state casts only one vote (Doc. F) this statement shows how the alternative solution to a tie in the electoral vote is flawed and anti democratic because each state only gets one vote no matter the size of its population, which is somewhat the opposite of a democracy. The Electoral College violates political equality (Doc. D) this statement helps to explain how the Electoral College undermines the value of a person over others which goes against democracy and thus should be abolished.

The system and believe that a couple of electors, 538 votes, can determine the leader who is supposed to guide a country over millions of people is undeniably ridiculous. The Electoral College should be abolished and no longer be part of the U.S Constitution. The Founding Fathers couldn’t have predicted the future and shouldn’t have underestimated the people’s abilities thinking they would always be ignorant as it has brought the current and future voters to observe their votes only be taken into consideration if not ignored.

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