Edgar Allan Poe: the Master of Horror Writing

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Edgar Allan Poe, a Master of Suspense was an american writer, poet and critic famous for his poems and tales of horror and mystery. Called by many the father of a detective was born January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. At the age of two his mother had passed away from a disease called Tuberculosis and his father had already abandoned the family. He was soon taken in as foster child by the Allan family that in which were successful tobacco merchants. By the age of thirteen he started to write poetry and worked constantly improving his writing. In 1826, he attended the University of Virginia and went into debt and started gambling to pay off school loans but ended up in greater debts which lead to him withdrawing out of the university.

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“Edgar Allan Poe: the Master of Horror Writing”

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In the year of 1830, he joined the United States Military Academy at west point, after realizing that wasn’t for him he turned to writing full time. Years later he ended up secretly marrying his thirteen year old cousin, Virginia, which was the made public in 1836. Poe was overcome by grief following the death of his wife, he continued to work suffering from poor health and struggling financially. Working in several newspapers and literary magazines his primary occupation was being a literary critic in which many thought he was harsh. During his lifetime writing he published short stories in his 1840 collection which were unusual and creepy that many thought he had to be strange himself. Poe’s career went back and forth leading to his major success hitting The Raven, the poem was known for its uncanniness on October 7, 1849 he was declared dead but his final days remain somewhat of a mystery due to him leaving to Virginia heading to New York and disappearing. A week later he died in a delirium and was found dead in Baltimore with no evidence tracking his death. Edgar Allan Poe’s legacy will be forever carried on throughout his mysterious writings.

Edgar Allan Poe was his own enemy and if he was alive today that would be a problem for him. I feel that he would be a part of a big scandal like be an alcoholic or be involved in a drug charge of some kind, he was a greater writer so I don’t think he would steal other people’s ideas in some way causing problems. The scandal he would be involved in would definitely he drug related due to his wife dying at a young age of tuberculosis, and him struggling economically this is a recipe is disaster he would definitely try to find an escape from problems. He would most likely be known for his drug addictions, and he would be in very poor health condition from all the abusive substance in his system, he would probably come out in the news because if his emotional state, due to his past I can speculate that he would be involved in prior drug charges, felonies, tickets, even be in jail there are endless possibilities. Let’s just say he wasn’t an addict he would, most likely be a part a big drama of some kind like him bashing other writer’s why? Well we know of his self destructive attitude he would constantly be unhappy with himself he would be depressed, mad, and angry all the time. So due to his unhappiness that would make criticize other writers and him getting himself involved in a big drama that would have the literature community going nuts. Because of this he would be involved in social media in some way.

If Edgar Allan Poe used social media today, he would be using facebook and twitter. If he used twitter he would be writing about poetry and write about mysterious short stories. There are a lot of people that love to follow weird people and he would be one of those people. His novels were very mysterious and terrifying it like he doing a show, in a book. If he used facebook he would pretty much do the same exact thing but at the same time we would criticizing other people’s work. William Shakespeare would be one of the people would that he would so fraud.

He would steal other writers work and Edgar Allan Poe would make fun of him because he doesn’t even think or do his own work. Also on facebook and twitter we support young his father did not support on what he loved the most.His father wanted him to follow his steps, which were to run the tobacco business. He would encourage them to follow their dreams and be writers. Another thing he would follow or support on social media is the tuberculosis page, because his mother and his wife died from this disease. He would be a creepy person to follow on social media but he would entertain his followers. Edgar Allan still to this day we would be one of the most famous writers, an american writer.

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