Moonlight is a Small Film that Deals with some Monumental Issues

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The 1980’s was a hard year to be alive in. it was that year that the collapse of traditional communism happened and the ending of the Cold War. But It was also a year to celebrate due to the new invention that was taking place, for example, Apple made their first computer, the introduction of hip pop, children toys became popular, the game Pac- Man came out, which become a worldwide success. But one thing that took America by surprise was the spreading of AIDS virus. Which caught the public attention. There was a study found that stated that AIDS virus was high in man during 1980s. it was mostly found in men of color. Which the movie “Moonlight” did a great job demonstrating. Moonlight is a movie about an African-American man, growing up in a rough neighborhood while being gay. It takes place in Miami during the 1980’s where the war on drugs started. As the movie goes on, we get the chance to see the three defining chapters in Chiron life, his childhood, his adolescent and adulthood. At a young age, Chiron was already taught not to show his feels or what people thought of him or his sexuality, instead he was taught be strong. He was already scared of being an African American boy living in American at that time, where people were being discriminated.

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“Moonlight is a Small Film that Deals with some Monumental Issues”

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Due to Chiron being raised in a broken household, he never learned how to love himself or other. Instead, he learned to depend on himself; there was no one there to teach him due to the fact that his mother was an addict. To add to his difficulties as a child, he was bullied in school. People saw him as soft and weak, not giving him the respect he craved. Through all this hardship Chiron courage give him a reason to stay strong. Moonlight further shows that sexuality, race, gender, and economic background shouldn’t define you. “At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you gonna be, can’t let nobody make that decision for you” by Juan (Mahershala Ali). But how can one possibly not let these types of traits define them? What should define you as a person? Morals, ethics, values, money, family, or judgment. All these expect help made Chiron confides in Juan. Due to the fact that he treats him like a person, not like a way his mother and the kids at his school do. Chiron saw Juan as a true friend, that he can trust.

Chiron saw him as a father figure, who is going to protect him. This lead Chiron to depended on Juan, who was the first person to give him the respect and attention he needed. This quote gave us a chance to get a closer look at Juan and Chiron relationship as a whole. It also Shows us the audience that at some point we have to take the matter into our own self and not let others decided what our faith is going to be. But that’s is hard when it comes to African American man/women living in American because everything is already decided for us. It is decided for us how many of us African America will end up in jail or even on unemployment. But this quote teaches Chiron to not let that be his faith, but for him to choose what his faith is going to be. As you grow, how can personal history not be the deciding in factor in who you become? Moonlight is a small film that deals with some monumental issues. Divided into three chapters of personal development, it is clear Chiron’s story doesn’t end when we leave him. His own identity is a work in progress. In spite of his own best efforts, Chiron can never truly escape from whence he came; his personal history will always be a part of him and continue to influence the decisions he makes throughout his life.

The movie thought us that you can change, run, compensate, but there’s something that remains. Personal history can force you to hide from who you are and be what people think you should. Then you’re trapped, not knowing or accepting yourself. What defines you then? This stunning film artfully demonstrates that struggle which exists within us all.

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