Merchant of Venice – Revenge Traggedy Play

The renaissance Christians despised the Jews since they trusted that their behavior of accusing interest on money they lend was against the societal ethics. Among the period of renaissance Christians had bowed obtainable to be forcefully indebted to the Jews who had progressive money to them with percentages taxes hereafter their extended contempt for the Jewish associates who began identifying them as cruel by demanding lending on the duties they lend. This was an arrogant and un fair response from the Christian people community in Venice since they began treating Jews brutally by forcing heavy taxes on them dissatisfaction from which their land was detained, and defaulters held. For example, heavy taxing was expected to help the financial status of the government especially within aggressive financial times.

Merchant of Venice is a revenge trggedy play which its plot turns into the journey of its primary character shylock a Jew who is harsh in transit his neighbors as far as anyone knows Christians treat him, and he is on task to retliate for such in human treatment. He strategies and completes his revenge by involving in money lending which offers him opportuni to retaliate for when a Christian default him after the money he lend.

In Venice Bassanio borrow the his merchant friend Antonio to help him to support a wealthy, respectable woman Portia. Antonio does not have monry to lend to his friend, however he gives him a assurance to get the money, he needs on his credit. Antonio is expecting that his ships should land at the harbor with a lot of merchandise that help him to settle the loan. Bassanio is given credit of 3000 ducats by the Jewish moneylender Shylock that isn’t in great terms with Antonio. Their dispute is a ethnic and religious one and shylock seizes the chance to offer alternate option to Antonio that if he defaults and without a hesitation Antonio chances of elusion hits crest as the news that his boats had been lost. Shylock at that point accuses the case requesting that he be offered agreement to cut one pound of flesh from the borrower’s chest as firm upon earlier. The case is solved courteously by the judge and the play end positively when the main characters Bassanio and Portia marry each other, and the boats of the Antonio are found and lands at the harbor.

Shylock is a Jewish money lend specialist who lives in Venice and he has been battered for a long time by the manner in which Venetian Christians have been battering him mainly by the trader Antonio. The exploitations by the Christians have molded the religions and racial idendity of shylock.
The character of Shylock in the play merchant of Venice is portrayed as evil and killer whose valued prospects is to take away the life of the Christian Antonio accepted by his fellow Christian to be the kindest behavior to have ever lived in Venice. Shylock wants to take revenge on the Christian Antonio, because the fact that he wants to avenge his revengeon the Christians who even consider him a sinner since nothing appears to stop him at getting the pound of flesh from Antonio’s chest even after Bassanio offers to pay him twice the agreed upon debt of six thousand ducats. He really refuse to take the mony and ask for the pound of flesh which he emphasizes it, hence he must have it because its officially his own.

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