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Chris starts off his adventure driving but ends up leaving his car because it was damaged in a flash flood. Chris doesn't even think of asking for help with his car, he just ditches it. He then becomes a hitchhiker and walks along the road for miles. He ends up meeting many nice people and even ends up staying with them for a little while. They are very supportive and encourage him on his journey. Chris leaves all of them behind without even hesitating, his emotions are all set on beating his quest of making it to Alaska. Chris also leaves in the middle of the night so he doesn't have to deal with the emotions regarding them. He said himself that he needed to evade the impending threat of human intimacy Chris had many emotional problems growing up in his family. His family had money but that didn't solve any of their personal problems. His family would always get into arguments and his dad even ended up hitting his mom sometimes. Chris' sister was normal and they could talk to each other about anything.
Chris left her alone and she was forced to deal with her family problems by herself. Chris didn't even think about what would happen after he left which is crazy.

Chris McCandless even knew at some points that there was a chance of him dying. If this adventure proves fatal I just want to let you know that you are a great man, I know walk Into The Wild. He didn't even care that he had a chance at dying, he just kept pursuing his goals and not looking back. It's interesting that Chris will do anything to achieve his goals, even if that means death. A huge impact about his story is how he went completely unprepared. Chris was very book smart but he had no street knowledge. He didn't bring any supplies that would greatly help him in his trip to Alaska. There are a lot of factors in this wilderness that he didn't prepare for like it being so cold, his food situation, predators, and the changing of seasons. Chris didn't think to himself that the river he usually crosses would eventually fill up higher and have a stronger current. He also made a bad decision of leaving the moose he killed out.

These are just some of the factors of how Chris McCandless was unprepared and had little knowledge of what he was doing. If Chris did up finding that bus that was supposed to be used for hunters he probably would've died a lot sooner. In that bus he had shelter, warmth, and protection from predators. Chris meet a man named Franz on the way to Alaska. Franz gave him tools and took him under his wing for awhile. They taught each other things in life that many people don't even realize. Chris said something very inspiring to Franz, Happiness [is] only real when shared. Franz also gave Chris a ride about 100 miles to a good destination so that he would be able to make it to Alaska.

There is a small chance that Chris would have made it to Alaska without the help of Franz. Right before Chris gets out of the car Franz says that he would like to adopt Christ. All Chris says is can we talk about this when I get back from Alaska. This is a very shallow thing to say to someone after all of the help that they have given to you. The tools that Franz gave to Chris weren't even shown being used in the movie. Chris is extremely arrogant for these things. When Chris finally gets to Alaska he is extremely happy and he thinks that he is just going to live freely and go on with his life. Chris was extremely wrong for thinking this and ends up having some rough times there.

Chris went into his adventure and had no idea what he was doing. He ends up completely running out of food and couldn't find any animals for hunting. Chris decided he is going to look for plants so he could mix them all together and make some food. Chris messes up at the end and ends up picking a poisonous plants. Chris eats the plant and ends up receiving some deadly side effects. The poisonous berries he ends up eating start to kill him. It leads to him starving and eventually dying. A huge factor of chris being described as an arrogant lunatic is that the bus wasn't far away from civilization. When Chris figured out that he ate poisonous berries he sat around and cried. Chris could've easy gotten out of the wild and gotten a ride to a hospital. He could have saved his life but instead he made a stupid decision of just sitting around and dying slowly and painfully. About 2 weeks later hunters found Chris' body in the bus. His family was notified and they were affected greatly. The parents had to go on with their life knowing that they caused Chris great pain and an emotional scar. His sister had to go on with having nobody understanding her emotions like Chris did. Chris screwed up many people's lives and only thinks about himself. Many people reached out to help him and he would always just end up abandoning them. Chris went Into The Wild unprepared and he ended up dying because of it.

Chris McCandless is an arrogant lunatic because of the actions he did on his adventure to Alaska. Chris had many impacts on people's live and he ended up just leaving all of them behind with no regards. Chris' story is now well known and many people now realize that Chris McCandless had serious problems and needed help.

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