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In the organization, every individual’s ethnic, spiritual and social differences should be recognized and respected. People are different from each other, and thus, it becomes important to offer them support and respect. The difference may be from their religious beliefs.

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Clients may be Muslims while others Christians. Physical differences also exist where some may be disabled while others not. The difference may also arise from gender, race, class age as well as power. Therefore, everyone should be respected irrespective of their diversities. Some organizations are reported to find it difficult where nepotism and corruption are seen to manifest. The imposition of personals attitudes and values on other people lives should be avoided too. Instead, people should be supported too for them to express their individual preferences and identities. The attitude in this case referrers to what one think is a good way of doing things while values are qualities and principles that one considers as important. Managers should thus not feel more important than their subordinates.

When engaging in activities that support the community, it is important to consider the strengths, requirements by each person and development in addition to the stage of life. People have different needs it has been highlighted in the Maslow’s pyramid of wants. It has indicated that people get motivated in achieving particular needs starting with primary physiological wants before getting to the self-actualization. Physiological needs include food, shelter clothing water among others. Clients should be permitted to be themselves, and thus they should be respected. Those who are loud and out-going should not be told to get quiet while those who like to be alone should not be forced to participate in activities of a group. What one person requires is not similar to the next person. Companies should thus respect every person on their own.

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