About the Stress in my Life

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Exposition - To be honest, life is a mysterious thing. Constantly changing and deepening your intellectual understanding. Pushing you to understand more and more, but it's hard to truly appreciate life and its meaning. It is so unclear, and it’s practically impossible for the human mind to fully comprehend. But I am now writing about what I can recall, with that please keep in mind that I am merely speaking about things through my own perspective. Because of this you don’t hear both sides of this, so please don’t make any judgments or accusations.

Conflict- My mom and I have never really truly gotten along. We have always fought more or less like cats and dogs. My mom always thought she was right even if she had read something off Wikipedia. She physically couldn't let me be right, and I got tired of being around her for many reasons. I couldn’t actually be myself I had to put up protective barriers around myself. It was like being forced into a coffin for a guy who’s 5’0. I felt like I couldn't express myself make jokes or anything: wasn’t allowed to hang out with my friends, ride my bike around the block or anything like that.

Rising Action — I couldn't take any more stress, I told my mom that I wanted to move down here. I wasn't up for living my life the way she wanted and I wanted a new fresh start in life. I knew my dad would let me live in Indiana. I didn't necessarily have to get a job and buy things I wanted unless I really wanted too. (Up there they would buy me what I needed not what I wanted.) I hated working; its so boring, it's not even within my profession just standing there wrapping burgers and stupid little things in the back.

Climax- My mom finally agreed to it as long as all my stuff remained up there, and she could sell it. I would also have to write a 1000 word apology for putting her through “hell” all these years. Also, for having wasted her time on me when I would “just run off to my dad.” My sent all my records to my dad, so I could live down her.

Falling action, I found out my mom gave away all my personal possessions to my cousin at least what she wanted of It. My mom had my cousin move in to replace me… As one of my moms last attempts to get me to stay up there she told me I could keep my phone if I stayed with her. Funny part was at my job I made only $9 an hour and only so many hours a week. The phone I was given on my birthday, and she just took it away. But if I have to keep good grades, I could continue working on my dads friends farm. So I’ll be able to get a new phone.

Resolution I am now a student here at Benton Central I'm calm and collective I still have a bit of a sense of humor left. Just enough to make friends a few at a time. This has changed my life because I believe I have just a better understanding about life and as such things alike.

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