Machiavellianism in Scorpios

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In the novel Grendel by John Gardner, the author portrays characteristics of the zodiac sign, Scorpio, and the Machiavellianism philosophy through Hrothgar's nephew, Hrothulf. Machiavellianism is primarily the term some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person's tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain. Hrothulf represents Machiavellianism where: morals are irrelevant when making political decisions, especially if the situation is solved with immoral solutions. Hrothulf's immoral solution to gain power and help the kingdom, in his own ways, is by patiently waiting to killing his future cousins, Hrothgar's children.Hrothgar's nephew was kind, for all that, to the cousins he half intended to displace (120). According to the Machiavellianism philosophy, a society will be successful if the ruler's power is aided by a separate entity. Hrothgar's society, or kingdom, is in a state if depression, and also poverty, because the entity that aids the king is not present. However, the kingdom has lasted an ideal amount of time because Grendel, an indirect entity, aids the king in certain ways.The astrological sign, Scorpio, correlates with the idea of Machiavellianism by presenting many identical characteristics through someone or something. Much like Hrothulf, scorpio, an astrological sign, enjoys being in control and dislikes failure. And so-I watched in glee-they take in Hrothulf, quiet in the moon, sweet scorpion, he sits between their two and cleans his knife(113). Scorpios are very confrontational and tend to stand their ground when they feel threatened in dangerous situations, just like Hrothulf is not afraid to kill his own cousins for what he believes is best for the people and himself. The distant and reserved appearance and characteristics of a scorpio is very similarly presented in novel by Hrothulf when he distances himself from people until he felt he was capable to seize power of the kingdom for himself. The philosophical movement and zodiac sign posses a relationship through their similarities. Much like how Scorpios enjoy the position of being in control, Machiavellian principles require the ruler, and sometimes the society, to utilize virt?? in order to take control of any situation. Law rules the land. Men's violence is chaine to good: legitimate force that chops the braed-thief's neck and wipes its ax(114).Machiavellianism requires the ruling power to make the morally good choice instead of the immoral one when it is available much like Scorpio's efforts to show their loyalty and passion towards a cause or a thing.In the novel Grendel by John Gardner, the author portrays characteristics of the zodiac sign, Scorpio, and the Machiavellianism philosophy through Hrothgar's nephew, Hrothulf. The strong relationship between this philosophical movement and zodiac sign represent the true character and intention of Hrothulf to overpower his cousins in order to gain full control of society. This relationship shows the importance of power, control, failure, society, morals, and entities. Not only does this philosophy and astrological sign represent characteristics of Hrothulf, it also gives an inside look of what Hrothulf's mentality looks like and why he desires to do the things he contemplates about.
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