Long Lasting Presence of Racism

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Racism is the belief that one race is better than another race, this usually ends in multiple consequences that include being bias towards other Ethnicities or race. Since the early 1800’s racism in the United States has impacted many people of color in a negative way. Have you ever wandered how life would be different when it comes to political, and social discrimination? Do you believe that racism has been the cause of many deaths, and the cause of slavery in our nation? Racism has left a long-lasting effect in our society, which has been proven by many of the problems that we are currently facing in our Country. In addition, in our new modern society racism has also been the affect to many our nation’s economic problems. Most important racism has had a major impact socially, politically, and economically on blacks, and Mexicans.

Furthermore, bias between different races have encourage different writers to tell the stories. Some stories are true, and some are based on beliefs, and great examples of what has occurred and continues to occur in our society amongst people of different races. Furthermore, racism has played a major role during World War II for many people of different races. For example, African Americans were somewhat forced to enlist into the service to serve our country to earn respect, equality, and a place within society. Furthermore, discrimination against different races caused many deaths that occurred during their work on the line, and within our society. Not to mention, the major negative impact on the black community has been written in books, articles, and poetry to inform others of the horrible acts they had to sustain.

Therefore, after reading the book “With his pistol in His Hand”, and in the novel “If He Hollers Let Him go”, in my opinion they both define the meaning of racism against people of color, such as Blacks, and Mexicans. In addition, both books show different examples of discrimination towards people of different races. Moreover, both have been a good representation of where racism began.

First, the book “With His Pistol in His Hand” it is known as a true story that goes back to the early 1800’s when tension began to arise along the Texas- Mexican border. This tension began between 1850 and 1910 between the Anglos and the Mexicans. The conflicts reflected issues that included national boundaries, property, and the use of land. The First major issue occurred when the Anglo-Americans moved into Mexican territory (Flores,167).

Consequently, the issues between the Anglo-Americans and the Mexicans continued until the end of the war for Texas Independence that ended in 1836. Furthermore, this conflicts between the Anglos, and Mexicans continued until the U.S war against Mexico that took place in 1846. This war resulted in the signing of the “Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo” in 1848. This included an agreement that was made between Mexico and the U.S. that made the Rio Grande River as the Border for both places. Furthermore, the “Treaty of Guadalupe- Hidalgo also included the rights to the Mexican community ownership of the land, and maintenance of their culture. As a result of taking ownership of the land it resulted in the creation of the Anglo- Texan authority, which took place after the war with Mexico (Flores,167).

Later, the Anglo- Texan authorities believed they had power over the Mexicans. This resulted in unfair discrimination acts on the Mexicans. It began in 1859 Juan Cortina a U.S Citizen witness a Marshall pistol whipped a Mexican and took justice in his own hands which resulted in the shooting of a Marshall known as Bob spears. Furthermore, Juan Cortina and other landowners wrote a manifesto against the Anglo- Texans (Flores, 168). This also resulted in the war against the Texas Rangers. Furthermore, now going back to the true story of Gregorio Cortez know as a hero to the Mexican Community. He was praised as a hero to his community through a Mexican Ballad also known to the Mexican community as a “Corrido”. It all took place in the Lower Rio Grande Border which most of the people lived in a ranching village also known as Ranchos for the Mexican community. Small close families and a group of workers also know as “peons” which were known as the help, but treated as family, all resided in the ranch. “The simple life led by most Border people fostered a natural equality among men” (Paredes,10).

Texas Rangers had their own image towards the Mexicans “The picture of the Mexican as an inveterate thief, especially of horses and cattle, is of interest to the psychologist as well as the folklorist” (Paredes,20). Furthermore, there was a law followed by the Texas Rangers “Ranger method of shooting first and asking questions later” (Paredes,26) this law killed many innocent Mexicans. One incident that occurred has left a man by the Name of Gregory Cortez as a hero to the Mexican community and has remained in history through Mexicans ballads, also known as Corrido’s. Gregorio Corte remained known as a man who never raised his voice to parent or elder brother, and never disobeyed”(Paredes,36). He became a hero to his community after one day his defended himself again the Texas Rangers. It was all over an american that decided to trade his mare for a horse that Gregorio Cortezs brother owned. So they mad the trade and the American told Gregorio Cortezs brother known as Roman to deliver it to hi show while he was out of town. So Roman delivered the horse to his hose and took the mare. Later, the American Authorities made a visit to Roman, and Gregorio Cortez was present. The Sheriff know as sheriff Morris questioned him about the mare and he explained to hi that he had made a trade with the American and proceeded to laugh. The moment he began to laugh the sheriff shot Roman through the mouth and he dropped down to the floor. Then that’s when the shooting began between Sheriff Morris, and Gregorio Cortez, leaving the sheriff dead (Paredes,37-41). Later Gregorio Cortez knew that even though he was innocent he had to escape because the Mexicans did not have the same rights as the Americans (Pareded,41). When he escaped, later the Texas Authorities went to arrest his family for just being related to him. Moreover, they began to kill many Mexicans calling them the gang of Cortez. Eventually he got caught an after many years he got released but then later poisoned when released. Furthermore, the community made a ballad also known as a Corrido in his name to raise money for his court hearings. The corrido’s continued to be made also for other heroes that were seen as heroes to the Mexican people e(Paredes 7-246). Furthermore, in my opinion, they way the Texas Rangers treated the Mexicans showed extreme racism, and the act against Cortez was completely unjustified.

On the other hand, the novel, If He Hollers Let Him Go also defines racism, and in my opinion, it continues to affect the black community. To begin this novel goes as far back as of world War II. “The War”. Two simple words that are often still uttered with deep emotion” (Verge,289). “Blacks, Mexicans Americans, and Mexican nationals also suffered, struggling under burden of racially restrictive housing covenants, widespread job discrimination, and segregated public facilities such as pools and beaches” (Verge,290). World War II had a social negative impact on Los Angeles (Verge,290). In addition, “while the war effort brought forth a spirit of cooperation and participation among Los Angeles citizens, serious undercurrents of racial tension continued to plague the region” (Verge,298,) During that time job opportunities were limits to the people of color and given to the white people. Later, there was movements by the minorities that fought for equal rights for job opportunities such as Negro Victory Committee (Verge,311). Moreover, the novel, If He Hollers Let Him Goes informs one about the discrimination against blacks and tells a story of what occurred during World War II.

The story takes place in Los Angeles during the second war when an African- American by the name of Bob jones who was granted a Lederman position at a ship yard only because there were other workers that were also people of color, who he was going to manage. He lived in fear his whole life for being black. During that time, he lived in a society filled with discrimination. Not to mention, he would always have bad dreams such as being forced to war just for being black. Moreover, he was dating a girl with lighter skin, so he thought she was his only way out. Furthermore, one day he got into a confrontation with an employee named Madge that was not black, over her not wanting to work with him because he was black, he got offended and cursed her out. She went to go tell her supervisor than they demoted him. Later, he was upset that he just wanted to get revenge, even had thought to rape the white girl but knew he was not going to follow through. Sometime later, after the incident he ended up in a dark room with her not knowing was he was about to go through. She closed the door and started to yell that he was raping her(Himes,1-203). Finally, the door opened, and he recalls “I came to once as I lay crumpled on the deck at the bottom of the ladder. A lot of guy were kicking me” (Himes,183). He was severely hurt, and he was able to escape, but later caught driving on the street in Los Angeles, and got pulled over only because he was black. Bob Jones was looking forward to becoming a man and make a family with Alice, but that day never came. He was arrested and later forced to join the service in exchange for his freedom even though everyone knew he was innocent (Himes,1-203).

To conclude, since early times racism has had a negative impact on different races, and continues to affect our nation. , Furthermore, in my opinion, I believe discrimination on the people of color during World War II has left a long lasting presence on our nation compare to the war between the Anglo- Americans, and the Mexicans. For example, during the war between the Anglo- Americans, and the Mexicans, Mexicans were getting killed by Texas Rangers who believed they had rights over all Mexicans. They killed innocent people by abiding by their law known as the “ranger method of shooting first and asking questions later.

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