Little about Hobbies

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Hobbies are often defined as as something done for enjoyment, but what if I told you about a hobby that can offer you so much more? Volunteering at a local hospital is a rewarding hobby, as it provides health benefits, the feeling of accomplishment in the community and social network, and opens the door to career paths.

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“Little about Hobbies”

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The benefits of your health are just one of the great things of volunteering at a hospital. When you are there to help people who are at their weakest, it can provide you with many health benefits. Volunteering can help to combat depression, decrease chronic pain, lessen the symptoms of heart disease and may help to renew creativity, according to** Just by getting yourself out of the house a few days a week, can give you a sense of purpose and can greatly reduce depression. When you find yourself volunteering with other people you can place your focus and attention on them when they are in a vulnerable state and it can actually increase “feel good” sensation’s and decrease thoughts of depression. Chronic illness can take a lot of you physically and emotionally and can take you can be sure to find energy limitations. But whether you choose to volunteer in the facility and see how much energy you can might be able to commit to a certain assignment or you can actually volunteer from your home through web portal or a phone support system, it can help keep your mind off of your own illness and therefore reduce the feelings that come with chronic illness’s giving you a better quality of life.

Volunteering at your local hospital can open up many career paths. Volunteering expands your social network, whether it be a staff member, a visitor, supplier, another volunteer’s, really the possibilities go on, and we have all heard the saying: it’s not always what you know, but who you know”. These new network of people out of your normal friends or family, might be the person than will offer your new career opportunity, may connect you with someone else, to open up that opportunity, or they could be used as reference for future career endeavors. You gain the ability to learn new skills and the opportunity to build on existing skills. Just because it is a hospital it doesn’t mean you can only gain medical experience. One may learn a new software program, build on their customer service skills, or get comfortable be with public speaking.

Volunteering will also show your committed and ability to work with others at different level’s. Did you know 76% of employers said nonprofit experience(working, volunteering, or interning) is important when selecting a candidate.With the ever growing number of candidates competing for jobs and the hundred of applications the employer receives, this fact alone should convince you of the benefits of volunteering along with a hospital being so versatile with the amount of opportunities that could be obtained. Volunteering at a local hospital is a rewarding hobby, as it provides health benefits, the feeling of accomplishment in the community and social network, and opens the door to career paths. The health benefit’s can help you live a more fulfilled life.

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