People with a Good Heart

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I believe that one of the worst things is world hunger. Specially with all the foods that’s wasted in united states! I believe that we can help so much to put a stop to that, or at least decrease it by a large percentage. That’s why I decided to volunteer with north Texas food bank to collect canned food, or $1 to help the people in need. I helped pick up packages of canned food and organized them in to three different boxes. I also helped organize food on the shelves and helped load the trucks and stock cans.

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“People with a Good Heart”

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During the volunteer work, I was constantly thinking of the times I have complained about “ having nothing in the fridge to eat” or that I didn’t like the food the food and being completely ungrateful for the things I have. Helping out people made me realize that I am not always grateful for what I have, in fact I have more than what I need and want yet I am still ungrateful. The most enjoyable part was creating and sorting boxes for families in need. Knowing that each of those boxes went to a family in need during this time of the year really warmed my heart. It’s the season of giving and I want to help give back to the community. It made me think about how happy it would make these families to be able to have something to eat during this cold weather. Having a semi-direct contact with our community is something that I cherished, and I really want to go back and volunteer more. Even though volunteers don’t get paid, it felt very rewarding to help the people that really need the food and the money. It definitely was worth all the effort and work. not only does it count for giving back but it also teaches you to work in team and with other people. There were a lot of moving, yelling, communicating between the volunteers, and you feel really good when you know that all of your hard work will help someone or a family.

During the volunteer work I met many wonderful co-workers/volunteers. Everyone was very kind and helpful. They organized this event. They definitely made the experience so much more fun. Everyone was constantly helping and on their feet. It was really hard for me to carry boxes, but people helped me move them even though they had their own tasks/duties to take care of. The rest of the volunteers were also very hard working and caring. They really cared for what they had to do, and they would do it to the best of their ability. The workers are passionate and inspire volunteers to want to keep coming back outside of a work sponsored event to give back. They can accommodate a crazy amount of people and keep your busy for the entire length of your shift.

I also really enjoyed volunteering for the company. North Texas food bank is truly a great company to work or volunteer for. They are a strong financial supporter of many families. You can confidently donate to the company knowing that %100 of your dollars and food are matched and spend with good accountability for your money. They truly make a huge difference in our community. North Dallas may not be very big, but the difference they make in people’s lives is definitely worth the hard work that’s put into it.

Volunteering with NTXFB really helped me get in the holiday spirit and made me realize how grateful I should be for what I have. I will most definitely go back to help and volunteer because I feel so much better knowing that I can give back to the community somehow. They are a great company that truly helps the community with world hunger.


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