Key Facts about Americans and Guns Rights

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Some People in the USA say that gun rights is immoral, but they really are not people choose to make guns Lethal. All through history people used guns for special purposes like war. If you see the history of guns some is bad, and some is good but yes there are some people who act like Neanderthals that shoot each other and kill. But there are some upsides to owning a gun because if someone breaks into your house you can defend your property. And lastly the other upside is that guns protect people if the cops had no guns and someone was shooting at you or any how would the cops stop them? However even though that guns are good but there are downsides to guns and the first article will tell you why.

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“Key Facts about Americans and Guns Rights”

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Guns have killed many people and in some cases people have killed themselves 72% of the people are killed by their own gun which is awful. Kids should never be in position to where they could use a gun without a parent’s permission. And because of that kids get severely injured or even in some cases dead. But there is something far worse people use guns to kill people and even kids almost every year you hear about a school shooting that occurs and some kids get killed those are the people who don’t need guns. Also, once in a while there will be a case where someone breaks into a house armed and shoots the owner. That’s why people who have problems going on such as depression or other mind disorders should not have a gun. However, there are some benefits to owning a gun and the second section will tell you why.

Guns are not always unfortunate they help people to they can be used to be helpful in some cases like war. War is a horrible situation because you have to but the war can lead to peace and freedom the way to win a war is violence, violence doesn’t always solve everything but it does solve war we use guns to solve war. Also guns protect you from insane people. This is an example for why you need guns a man was at home and a robber broke in and his whole family was asleep and the robber was armed if he had a gun he could pull it out and shoot him or if he didn’t have a gun and he tried to stop him he would risk being shot. That is why we need guns. Also if the police didn’t have guns and there was an active shooter the police would not be able to help that is also why we need guns. Guns can help us if we use them right they don’t have to always mean kill or Robb they should mean self defense mechanism. All the politics around America ask them selves if we need guns that is there opinion.

In conclusion people all around America should have guns. It protected you when you were robbed and even during world wars or even during the civil war guns have always protected us. They shouldn’t take guns away. They always helped people well most of the time. Guns can be dangerous if a kid or a criminal gets a hold of one but they should be fine in the right hands

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