John Proctor in Arthur Millerr’s Classic Novel

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People make mistakes but it does not matter how big or small it is it just takes the right mindset to redeem or forgive yourself. In Arthur Millerr’s classic novel, The Crucible John Proctor is the perfect example of this he has definitely made a lot questionable decisions. The book is set in the late 1600r’s and in an old village surrounded by indian tribes. A young girl by the name of Abigail has falsely accused many people of witchcraft. She also is not the only one she has a whole group of young girls that follow everything she does, even the community members start to accuse their neighbors and friends or even their enemies. John realizes he is a good man when he reflects on all his sacrifices he has done for his family, friends, and himself.

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“John Proctor in Arthur Millerr’s Classic Novel”

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John has to be able to overcome everything he has done and try to forgive himself. One of the many ways John Proctor is a good man is how he ends up forgiving himself for all the wrong he has done.

John would do anything to make sure he still has a good name and that even means ending his affair with Abby. When John and Abby have a private talk John says, No, no, Abby. Thatr’s done with (Miller 21). John finally decides to end his affair with Abby. When this happens Abby decides to go and accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft in an attempt to get rid of her and have John for herself. Even though John ends the affair it does not just end there he ends up going to court to publicly admit it. When he gets to the court John is accused of lying and he ends up saying to the court a man will not cast away his good name. You surely know that (Miller 102). He says that why would any man lie and jeopardize his good name, no man would throw away his good name over a lie so why would I lie about the affair. As expert Ditsky notes, John Proctor moves towards his own moral freedom (Ditsky) he has finally come to realize that he is a good man. Finally John decides that he will not tant his name and he decides to be hanged instead of signing away his name. John said not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from such dogs (Miller 133). John decided that he is already a good man and does not have to confess to anything and rather be hanged then walk around with a tainted name. He finally forgives himself and believes what he is doing is the right thing. John has redeems himself from the “weakness” of his only-human clutching after life of moments earlier (Ditsky) he has finally redeemed himself and believes he is a good man.

John has done alot for himself that has made him a good man. Those are just a few of the many reason why John is a good man and can be used as proof.

John does not just do stuff for him he ends up helping his friends out with a lot. John will do whatever it takes to help his friends out and he clearly shows it.
John show us just how much he cares for his friends and that he will do literally anything to help them out. After John went to court to help his wife he ended up not leaving and said this to the court These are my friends. Their wives are also accused (Miller 86). John is willing to stay in court and fight for his friends and their wives even though his wifer’s life has been saved and he could have just walked away. John did not want to just leave when he knew his friends and their wives needed help. John also tells the court that he got 91 signatures and the people signing it declare their good opinion of rebecca, and my wife, and martha corey (86). John makes a document for people to sign if they believe if those who were accused were falsely accused and should be freed and he brings it in front of the court so they could see how many people actually think the accusers are lying. John did it because he knows the truth and he wants more people to figure it out and to help those who are falsely accused to be freed and returned back to their families. Everyone was scared of what would happen or if they would be accused or if someone close would. Its true when they say that fear does not travel well; just as it can warp judgment, its absence can diminish memory’s truth (Miller), meaning fear can corrupt anyone and it did so and it ended up costing John’s friends wives to be evicted and he stayed to help free them. When John decides to confess and is asked if he has seen anyone with the devil he says no. John says they think they go as saints. I like not to spoil their names (Miller 130). He does not want to accuse his friends because it shows his weakness and that he will take the easy way out of a situation so he decides to not give names and stay true to himself and his friends. John will not accuse anyone else but himself he will never give up an innocent person’s name.

That shows how much John cares about his friends and that he is willing to do absolutely anything to help them and make sure they are ok. It also shows that john will put his friends needs before his own even if it means risking his life.

John does not just do anything for his friends he also will do anything to help out his family. John will put his family over himself just like he does for his friends.

John Proctor makes it very clear how much he cares for his family and that he will do absolutely anything to make sure they have what they need. When John was questioned about why he would not show up for church he said he was working on the family farm and my wife were sick this winter (61). Proctor skipped out on church to help his wife get better and make sure she was going to be okay. He also skipped out on church to work on his family farm which will go to his children so he is making sure that it is well. John decides to confess to witchcraft even though it would be a lie but he does it to be with his family. Elizabeth and him were having a private conversation and he told her I have been thinking i would confess to them, Elizabeth (125). During a private conversation John told her he wanted to confess so he could be with his family again and build his boys to be good men in the world. He wanted to make surer his boys would grow up and become proper men and keep the farm working and keep passing it down to their children. John does not want to give his name to the judges to put on the church. So when Proctor takes the confession the judges ask why are you doing. John says Because it is my name!(133). Proctor is more concerned about his sons and how they will live/be treated in the world based on his behavior than worried about his own life. He does not want his family to be threatened or judged because of his wrong doings so he rips the confession in front of the judges and Elizabeth. As critic Budick say Proctor has identified saintedness with external goodness, a good name. Proctor has a good name and his family will not have to face any repercussions for his actions. They also will not have to get judged or have a harder time later in life when his kids grow up and become men.

John shows us how much his family means to him and that he will do anything to help them. He also shows us that he will even take his life to make them have an easier road to go through life and that he puts them first no matter what.

John realizes he is a good man when he reflects on all his sacrifices he has done for his family, friends, and himself. John proves through those three points that he is willing to do anything for himself his friends and family. He will put everything else first if its for a good cause like when he tries to free his wife and his friends wives. If anyone can take anything from Johnr’s experiences itr’s that anyone can redeem or forgive themselves. Also anyone can still have a good name if they do not always do the right thing but if they fix it and try to make it better. In life everyone has that one friend that is loyal to them and will help them out when they need it or they are that to someone else.

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