Walmart and Social Media

Walmart was founded by Sam Walton and James Bud Walton in 1962 in Arkansas and that was the first Walmart discount Shop. Today it is one of the biggest retail stores in the United States With over 11,695 stores throughout the world in 2017, about 2.3 million associates around the world and these stores generated about 482 billion U.S dollars in net sales. Walmart is widely known for different reasons most especially it has almost every department from grocery to electronic and it can be affordable by almost all due to its competitive prices.

Walmat quickly responds to its customers complaints in case of any problem and provides relevant solutions to the problem. As technology evolves in the world today, every organization evolves to make things easier for their consumers and Walmart is not an exception to this evolution. Walmart is actively involved in different social media but I am going to focus on three Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

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  1. Walmart Facebook page is very organized with different options. On their Facebook page you can find the location of one of their shops around your area simply by entering your zip code and you will be able to find the closest Walmart store. From the Facebook page, you also get upcoming deals for example Christmas going on now. You can also be directed to their main website to purchase an item. Walmart has over 31 million Facebook followers and they are fast to help resolve any problem for example I send a message to complain about an item I bought and was having problems returning it and in less than five minutes, I had the problem resolved and a return label for the item was sent to my email. The response quality time for complaints is reliable and fast. On their Instagram page, they have pictures of different events and they also use their Instagram post of celebrities to help raise funds for programs like Fight Hunger. They have pictures with upcoming deals like CyberMonday. Walmart has about 1180 posts and 962,000 followers on their Instagram page. On Walmart Twitter page, you can be linked to the store main website to purchase a product. They also have excellent pictures and futures likethe Walmarthelp that helps you know what has be recall. On the Walmarthelp, you get inform of recall products like the Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Hand and it notifies consumers to immediately contact kidde for a free replacement. They have post and videos every hour with about 908.000 followers, 490.000 Tweets. Walmart Google Plus page looks like google but the difference is that you have pictures of the store. On google plus page, people share their stories and their experience of the retail store. They have over 91 thousand followers. Walmart Pinterest has about 139.031 followers and the main idea behind this page is that you can be save and organize all your favorite ideas which is excellent. On the Pinterest page, once you click on an item you want, you will be able to be linked to the main website to be able to purchase the item. These social media pages are very easy to follow and it shows that they have their customers at hand.
  2. Walmart is a shop that is known all over the United States and one of the ways to make shopping easier for its customers is to developed a well organized app that meets up customers needs to assure the customers they are in good hands when they want to shop. Customers can download their app from Google play store for those with android devices and for those with iOS (iPhones) they use iTunes app store. The app is excellent because it is easy to use and it looks similar to the main website. They have features like money service which is used to send money to family and friends. You can easily shop by department just as in the shop. They do have deals for holidays and also they have product with reduced prices call rollback. They do not have the option were you can communicate online but you can file complaints from the app. The app is built professionally and is attractive to suit customers need.
  3. After making my research on the app from different devices, that is android phones and tablets, personal computers and apple products, I discovered the website was well organized and built to attract(graphics, screen resolution, pictures etc.) its customers on any screen which is good because people use their mobile phones and tablets these days. Walmart has these facilities in place to satisfy its customers which are their first priority. The contents, colors, graphics and writing style look the same on all three devices. The website looks attractive on all three devices and it is easy to navigate through the website be it on the phones, tablets or computers.
  4. Walmart targeted audience is everyone especially those who want to save money. Walmart customer are basically those who are not wealthy that is those living below poverty level, those slightly below poverty level and those receiving assistance from the government like food stamps. The website and apps are set up orderly and professionally which simply shows to the customer how organized and dedicated they are to meet up to their customer needs.
  5. The designer of Walmart mobile app did an excellent job for reason been that it is easy to navigate through the app with no problem regardless of your level of education. The company (Walmart) mobile platform reflects almost every idea in the SlideShare How Mobile Technology Is Revolutionizing Business Communication. The messages on the mobile app are designed to be suitable for mobile screen and tables for customer’s satisfaction. The messages are also linearly organized as it’s recommended on the SlideShare and also the writing style is great for mobile app because there are written in a shorter and need form. As mention in the SlideShare, on mobile devices the inverted Pyramids style of writing is generally preferred, shorter headings, paragraphs and subject lines are used on mobile app.
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