Is Hunting Good for the Environment?

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24 April 2019 People in Iowa were taking care of many problems like overpopulation of deer and food shortage by hunting the deer and donating the meat. Many people think that killing animals is bad but what they don’t realize is that if we don’t kill any animals we wouldn’t have any meat to eat. People should hunt animals and use them as a food source, safety for people, and helps so the animals don’t overpopulate.

People think that you should just buy meat from the store because they think that it is more healthy meat than hunting your own meat. Unfortunately, commercially produced food has a lot of setbacks and unappealing qualities, and the sport of hunting is making a comeback and proving why hunting your own meat far outweighs purchasing it(My Salo project).Hunting can help prevent starvation because if you hunt you can eat what you kill instead of buying a lot of beef and things like that. People with less money might have a problem buying meat because it can be extremely expensive, but if they hunt in the long run it will be cheaper. It will be cheaper in the long run because a gun or bow will last you longer and you can buy a hunting licence. “An average mature buck will give you around 53 pounds of meat after processing, which at $2.00 per pound amounts to $106. The savings after the costs of the time, licenses, ammunition and more doesn’t really equate (Morning moss).”If you buy meat from the store it can’t last your a long time because it will run out. If your hunt you can shoot animals and get meat from them for cheaper than if you buy it from a store. People can depend on deer and other animals that you hunt because there is so many of them. Overall hunting helps get food for cheaper in the long run.

Hunting can help keep the animals from overpopulating. If nobody hunted there wouldn’t be enough food for them all and they would all die of starvation because there isn’t enough food. “Still there is not enough food to sustain the growing deer population, which causes starvation (control).”If people hunt deer and other animals you are helping the environment because they won’t overpopulate and starve to death. If you are a farmer and there are an overpopulation of deer or other animals you won’t be able to make any money because all of your crops will be destroyed and won’t have any crops left. “Overpopulation of a species can lead to serious problems and hunting has always been a way to regulate that(control).”There is even a crop damage tag that farmers can apply for and that means they can shoot deer anytime with anything they want and they are just protecting their crops so they can make money for a living.”Often deer eat vegetables and harm gardens, farmland and landscaping while feeding(Control).” Overall hunting helps the animals not starve to death or overpopulate.

Hunting can be used to protect people too. If more people hunted they are helping the environment because if animals overpopulate they can get killed by cars when they cross the roads. If animals overpopulate there is danger for the animals and people. “While a damaged vehicle means costs for the motorist, roads and rails might get damaged during an accident as well(Control).”There is a danger for the animals because they can get hit by a car and they will have a broken bone and die or they will die right away. People are in danger because if there are animals all over the road they put people in danger because they can get hit by a car and hurt the people inside of the car or even kill the people inside the car.” Deer related accidents often occur, usually ending in the deer's death(Control).” Hitting an animals with your car could cost you a lot of money because they could total your car or do a lot of damage.”This leads to a cost to the general public. Money is not the main issue though. Injury to motorists, passengers and others are potential hazards that cause concern(Control).” If you hit a moose or any animal in the deer family they can seriously wreck your car or even total it if you hit one. Overall people should hunt because than we can drive safer on the road.

In my opinion if we don’t hunt the animals will starve to death because there isn’t enough food for them all. It helps keep them safe because if they overpopulate there will be a lot of animals getting hit by cars and getting killed by them. Hunting can help keep people safe because people could get killed by animals when they hit them with the car or if the wolves and other animals like that don’t have enough food they might see people as food because there isn’t enough food for them all. More people should hunt because it helps with food shortage, overpopulation of animals and it helps to keep people and the animals safe.

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