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International business comprise of all profitable transactions which occur between more than two states or religion (Hill, 2008).  The transaction may include the exchange of recourses like capital and goods.  Studying international business will give one an insight into the world economy as well as world business climates.  The paper will discuss how the Google Company as one of the companies that do the business internationally. It will also show how each of the seven international environmental forces influences the behavior of the company basing on given instructions.

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Google is the second largest companies in world. It is an international company which provides many services for all the consumers as the well as the business.  It is frequently known as the search engine. Google incorporates many operational technologies like Gmail that is an open email provider service as well as the Google chrome that is, the browser. Other goods under this company are YouTube plus bloggers. This is mainly common blogging podium. Google Company owes more of its achievement to advertisements.  It was first company to sell advertisements. These advertisements are found alongside the outcomes of all researches. In truth, one hundred present of revenue of the company revenue comes from advertising.  It also involves itself in technological research beyond the internet.  In Addition Google is distinctive because of its various products on the market. The Android operating system is one of the products that ensure the company is successful (Ferguson, 2005).

Business international foundation

This company has been in a business since the year 1998.It was created by two student graduates of Stanford in California who initially called the search engine as BackRub. They began the company in Menlo Park. According Vise (2007), Google was formed after the googol. This was the name for computer number one, which was followed by one hundred zeros. This equated the journey of inventing   technology   phenomenon known as the Google.

Global business environment or international environmental forces

The global business environment may be termed as an environment in various sovereign countries, with the issues to exogenous to home environment for the company. This may affect decision making   and behaviors of the company. (Tayeb, 2002). The business environment comprises of both external and internal factors which constitute the seven international forces.  This forces or factors include political forces, economic forces, technological forces, social cultural forces, natural forces, legal forces and financial forces.

To begin with political forces.  One example of political force is government stability. The strategies of Google Company requires the government stability as one of mains aspects. When the market is stable, the government assist business which makes the businesses to advertise mare on the Google Company thus, benefiting the company.  Moreover, many of the government do have laws which are identified for the online data sharing, therefore allowing the Google to operate the laws.  But, china made an obstacle for Google by establishing rules which denied Google from working to their wish, though does not have influence on the general achievement of the whole company (Aguilar, 2007).

Economic factors or forces.  This include, cost, taxes and revenues. These forces help to determine the future and investment of any company. Gross national products have been increasing for a very long time.  In each year, they increase at a parentage rate of three point two reaching the greatest level of seventeen points two. This is a positive force for the Google Company.  Considering the stable   as well as the stable growth for the international countries, an internal as well as external investments of the Google will always be in great numbers.   Consumers research more, thus more ads are placed on the search engines of Google.  The number of the users in those securities may have influence on company positively mad making them establish better services. They even get many products for their customers making the company to bring power to the economy of the Google.

Technological forces. The success of Google is because of the innovative concepts as well as the technologies like PageRank which is present in search engine, AdWords which acts as the advertising system.  There are also other technologies which determine the success of the   Google like Gmail, desktops, page creator of the goggle and more. These tools are proposed for free of charge in order to make the life of the use easier, practical, and efficient and exciting. Therefore, technological factors have influences the company positively.

Socio-Cultural Factors. Google acts as the leader of the society since its goal is organizing the information of the world and making it universally accessed by everybody. Sociocultural forces are traditions, values, social trends, and society anticipation for businesses. These general community desires can be collected into population statistic, pay dissemination, a way of life change as well as degree of instruction. Google Company is not constrained to a particular statistic population. This is because Google is a global organization that provides international clients with worldwide managements. It   also ensures global   studies for anything   so that people may have knowledge on internet. Along these lines, there is no constraint on a specific statistic, culture or else a specific salary appropriation. This provides Google with solid positive position in the market. Its devices are offered to anyone and consequently, anyone, anyplace in earth c may publicize on Google and increase their benefit.

Legal forces. All the business have to operate within the framework of the legal environment.  Legal Environment. Some of the legal forces which affect the Google Company include, one, regulations of the products as well as the services. Two, controlling practices of the trade. Three, regulations of antitrust.   Four, patent protection. Lastly rules and laws made by the government.  Natural forces. Though the Google Company is able to generate revenues from online, the firm subject is the natural environment.  Natural trends affect the strategic direction of the business.  Google have chances of addressing the natural factors.  By improving the natural places. Therefore, the Google may aspects a lot from the user’s perceptions based on the positive perceptions of the   Google natural contributions. Finally, the financial forces may affects the behavior of the Google Company positively.

International strategy

It is the plan that is used to guide business transactions in   different countries. According to (Hagiu, 2009).  Google is strategy based on an idea of only purchasing in small niche markets, as well as only if it cannot produce a product better in-house. It has made an important contribution to its international expansion, with regard to business analysts. This enables the company to venture into the social media. Google is receiving a Global methodology. In any case, to be more applicable in a few regions the indexed lists are adjusted to the business sectors restricted adaptations of its internet searcher, there is some particular outcome for France for instance. At that point that Google is utilizing Global procedure yet in a few nations, they additionally make a Regional Strategy due to their provincial list items. This technique is effective, giving Google the best outcomes in every nation they are, drawing in more activity than some other contender. Therefore, its strategy is to ensure clients receive the best;

Management strategies

Management strategy is the formulation and application of main goals and ingenuity taken by the highest management of the company instead of an owner.  It is centered on the resources   as well as the as an assessment of a macro and micro environment whereby the company completes. Management strategy helps in providing the direction and goal for the change of plans of the management plans. It also helps the managers to allocate the resources of the efficiently.

The Google operations helps their workers to meet the goals that workers set for themselves.   The companies perceive its managers as the leaders who facilitate motivation and empower the workers. This strategy helps in controlling the works responsibility in the same way to America government. Works use the metric which they decide themselves to measure assess their progress to their goals. Supervisor’s acts as managers in order to ensure the workers meet the goals. On the finances, Google Company have an average of twenty-five percent this makes the real revenue to be high. This assures the management that they may consistently offer products and services which users pay for.

Ethical issue and Christian value

One of ethical issues that the company has faced in the international business is repressive policies of the China. The actions of the Google in China made a storm of disapproval at the time company agreed to wishes of the administration and repress pro-democracy and other webs. This made the Google relocate its actions in China to Hong Kong, keeping aside censorship system of China.  Those who supported the decision said the Google should not cooperate with repressive policies. On the other hand, critics claimed that, removal of Google will cut off many Chinese countries from the services of the company, therefore flagging its presence in one of the biggest realm market. This posed a challenge to Google in making its rigid decision. The Google portray the Christian values by respecting the users.


From the above  discussion, It is  clear that international business comprise  of all   business transactions  which  occur among  more than two states, beyond their  political boundaries. Google is one of the examples of an international business. Google is second largest international company. It provides many services to the users. There are seven international environmental forces which affect entire Google Company. These are political forces, economic forces, technological forces, social cultural forces, natural forces, legal forces and financial forces. They mostly affect the companies positively. All these forces make up business environment.   In addition, Google has international strategy which encourage the workers. Also, it is clear that,   Google have been faced with challenges and therefore it has been portraying Christian’s values on the outcomes of their decisions.

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