Institutional Affiliation : Periodization

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Abstract In the paper below the writer gives an explanation of karvonen formula and calculates the clients target heart rate. The writer also designs a full 12- week per iodized training program for the client. A description of professional responsibilities as discussed in the stages of the drawing – in process is well elaborated. The writer discusses the fitness test, methods of evaluation and the mode of data collection used to assess and evaluate the client’s needs. The karvonen formula can be simply defined as the numerical formula that helps one to ascertain the target heart rate (HR) training zone. The target heart rate is attained when the maximum heart rate is multiplied with percentage of intensity and then adds up the result to the resting heart rate. The final result enhances more accurate results. An average value of 70 beeps per minute is used for testing the resting heart rate. If it’s impossible to measure the maximum heart rate of a client, it’s important to use another traditional methodology of 220 minus the client’s current age. Intensity is defined as the percentage being lifted of the clients’ one repetition maximum (1RM) Periodization highly contributes to the general maintenance of the fitness of a client although many people often ignore the program. It is so important to have a long term plan. This is because the day to day works outs that many people usually undertake may lack the necessary capacity to desired results. The desired results are usually obtained when cumulative months and years of workout add up to dramatic results. Periodization can described as an activity that enhances the breakdown of a program into several time range gaps. It is meant to enhance a positive progress on the former period’s progress when practiced during each period building. Periodization is split up into three distinct parts that are macro cycle, meso cycle and micro cycle. Macro cycle forms the entire training program usually the entire training year. Meso cycle forms the period of between three to six weeks of training period occurring in the macro cycle. On the other hand the micro cycle is the actual training week occurring in the meso cycle stage. Periodization begins by laying a fitness foundation. This happens by performing the basic exercises and movements which strengthen tendons and ligaments. As a result the client is prepared mentally for the training stress ahead (Yilmaz, 2017, p. 124). In this period the client is required to use more number of reps (9 – 18). It’s also important to perform anatomical adaption (2-4) of sets. The higher the beginning fitness level the shorter the anatomical adaption phase. This stage work in a more precise way for any beginning client. After laying out the foundation it become important to increase the training stress. This is achieved when the client is facilitated with training split. This enhances splitting of muscle groups and then training them on different training days. For any client to obtain effective results it’s important to train each muscle for a period of not less than 3 days. This is the most realistic clients program. In the intensity level it becomes important to increase the volume and intensity in order to enhance longer recovery periods for each single body part. For larger muscles the program generally has 4-8 sets in each work out and for the smaller muscle groups the program has 1-3 sets. The last stage of the intensity is usually the highest. It incorporates the highest strength levels. It is in this period when both larger and smaller muscles work out with more sets than the previous stage. Longer periods of 2-5 minutes are also used to ensure regeneration of enough ATP to enhance effective continuation of workout. It’s important to note that client with no good reason of engaging in high intensity levels should avoid this stage to avoid instances of high blood pressure that may come up as a result of high intensity program. There are different types of exercises referred to as endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Endurance helps in breathing and increase heart rate. Include jogging and dancing. In conclusion it’s important to note that the goal of any training program is to increase strengthen thus making it crucial component of fitness for any client. For any effective result to be achieved, a periodized program work first on hypertrophy and later more strength (Zourdos, 2016, p. 787). It’s also important to establish the client goal. If the client is a beginner, it’s important to establish specific and realistic goals reason as to why engage in the activity because they mostly have vague goals.
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