Importance of Decreasing Food Waste

In the modern world today, people are fortunate to have the power to rule the planet. Humans are the most intelligent creatures, and they have established enormous amount of sources for their convenience. However, their creations and food waste actions have resulted numerous environmental problems, economic crisis, and a chance to help families who are food insecure. Still, majority of them are lucky to have food options for survival and should certainly be grateful. There are many people in some parts of the world who cannot afford to eat or drink. Yearly, many developed countries like the United States, Canada, etc. produce well enough food resources, but one-third of it is either wasted or lost. Royte, E. (2014).

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“Importance of Decreasing Food Waste”

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Every household produces garbage and about forty percent which is food. National Resources Defense Council (2017). Within these discarded foods, about half of it are actually avoidable, and these foods can be eaten if done properly. Throughout the food chain, the most avoidable food waste occurs at home. According to reports, food waste in the family is quite common, and twenty-five percent of the money people spend on food and beverages is directly thrown into the trash. Brad, L (2012). The main reason consumers discard food is that they prepared too much, such as too much rice, noodles, fruits, and vegetables that are not properly preserved or stored too long. Families with children have more leftovers, and the leftovers are poured directly into the sink. For many people, food should be thrown away after the best date of consumption. Besides, some people think they have the financial ability to do so, and think that it is embarrassing to keep the rest. Brad, L (2012)

There are many types of food loss and occur in all stages of the food chain. From planting, production, processing, distribution to retail, and consumption. National Resources Defense Council (2017). In poor countries, the most serious losses occur in the early stages due to climate impacts. Although, more are caused by farming techniques, storage equipment, lack of packaging and infrastructure, unfair policies, poor education (lack of knowledge). In restaurants, fast food chains, and commercial kitchens, large amounts of food are discarded during storage, cooking, and serving. Food waste that can be avoided is especially serious in cafeterias. Around thirty percent of school lunches in the United States, Europe, and Australia have been dumped. Harvard T.H. Chen (2017)

When people throw away food, it’s not only wasteful but also squandered the manufacturing resources behind the food, and this is far more than they think. For example, the meat industry has a strong environmental impact; in terms of land occupation and carbon footprint. Especially in high-income countries like the United States, where waste accounts for 80% of all meat waste. Harvard T.H. Chen (2017) In addition, grain waste is a prominent problem that has a major impact on carbon emissions, water and land use. National Resources Defense Council (2017).

If people waste less than production of resources will decrease. Therefore, the destruction of the world will be much less. Reducing avoidable food waste means that the entire food chain can reduce the resources needed to produce the same amount of food. The use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides will also be reduced, soil depletion will be alleviated, and methane gas generated by landfilling will be greatly reduced. National Resources Defense Council (2017). If people cut food waste by half, the impact on the global climate is equivalent to reducing the number of vehicles on the road by a quarter. National Resources Defense Council (2017). It’s extremely important that people will treasure food, because natural resources is precious.

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