I Love you Essay

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Where do I even start? You are the best person ever. Whenever I’m with you, I forget about all the terrible things that are going on in my life. I can’t even explain how much you mean to me. I never thought we would even be friends but the more I get to know you the more I like you. You’re the most amazing person I have ever met, you know how to handle all my moods. We have the same sense of humor and I really don’t understand why you tolerate my rudeness but I’m glad that it doesn’t offend you. I guess I do it because I don’t want it to be too obvious that I have a massive crush on you. But you’re reaction to things are what makes me like you more, if that makes sense. Like the time when you were gonna give me your number so I could send you the Criminal song but I said “I saved it” and I thought you’re reaction would be something like “why did you save it…” But instead you gave me a big hug and I was surprised. And when I took my mom to the museum for the first time and we ran into you and Charles outside and when I said she was my mom you just gave her a big hug.

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“I Love you Essay”

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Even she knows how much you mean to me. That will be in my heart forever. You always make me feel special, I will never understand why you think I’m so awesome cause I’m really not. I’m weird and clumsy and a little crazy, but I love how we joke about killing. I think I started realizing my feelings for you in late June. I remember how you used to always give me Retail 1 bank because you said I was number one, and you were always concerned about keeping me waiting. Nobody else actually cares. And that time that I didn’t have any food and you paid for my &pizza, that was so unexpected and hopefully one day I can pay you back for everything you’ve done. I will never forget that time that you let Lani and I switch positions and stupid rudolph and Rochelle were acting like it was the worst thing in the world and I got super emotional. It was so embarrassing because I started crying like a baby but you comforted me until I composed myself again. And I remember you saying “they don’t know what they’re doing, it’s like letting kids run the attraction”. You really have seen my bad moments but you still stuck around and it means so much.

I was so happy when you came after the baby was born and you said “we’re not allowed to have favorites, but you’re my favorite” again it makes me feel so special. I love how I’m getting you into Ozuna, Comentale could actually be our song it describes us perfectly, I wish we could have gone to the concert together. We definitely have to go together if Ozuna comes next year, by that time I will already have taught you enough to understand his songs at least. I always tell myself that I will be nice to you in public when I see you but lately it’s so hard for me.

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