Hurricane Katrina – August 2005

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Hurricane Katrina hit the southern shoreline of the United States on August 28, 2005. The focal point of Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans on the morning of August 29, 2005. The staggering impact of this storm brought about in excess of 1,800 natives losing their lives, and in addition in excess of an expected $81 billion dollars in harms happened. By August 31, 2005, 80% of the city ended up submerged in light of the fact that the tempest flood ruptured the city's levees at different focuses. On the off chance that the levees are harmed monstrous water will surge Louisiana from the Gulf Coast, the Mississippi River, and other encompassing waterways. A few regions of New Orleans were 15 feet submerged. Winds of Hurricane Katrina achieved a surprising classification 3 as it went through downtown New Orleans; be that as it may, it felt as though it were classification 5 winds. A huge number of unfortunate casualties clutched rooftop tops for their lives and scattered to covers amid and after the storm. In Southeast Louisiana, 90% of its subjects were cleared in the best route in our countries history. Be that as it may, the elderly and the poor stayed in the zone. The individuals who did not empty acquired sanctuary in the Louisiana Superdome. Likewise, the individuals who did not leave there homes needed to swim for their lives through profound waters or stayed caught in their storage rooms or housetops. The national calamity of Hurricane Katrina brought about durable ramifications for the natives of New Orleans, essentially which the general public will never totally recuperate from; Social Consequences, Economic Consequences, and Environmental Consequences.

In the days before the storm, many of the area's residents took heed of warnings concerning the potential severity of the storm and began the process of evacuation. But as often happens, others took the riskier course and resolved to ignore the warnings and attempt to ride out the storm. Those are choices. But many other residents who lacked a personal means of transportation were unable to get out.

As the hurricane arrived at an end numerous individuals acted the hero, the first on location were the nearby police and fire divisions, yet they were not sufficiently equipped to manage the horrible conditions. The Coast Guard arrived not long after and numerous other little organizations, the protect and tidy up started. As there various gatherings of individuals began it was confusion nobody knew where to try and begin. There were individuals living out of the super vault who required help yet, in addition, the general population stuck in their homes. As the pursuit and save started so did the loss of life, house by house they number just went up.

After New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered a mandatory evacuation, local officials opened ten designated shelters for those unable to flee on their own. The Super Dome assumed a tremendous job in the safe house for the general population who required it most. Individuals fled from their perilous homes to discover a spot in the colossal secured football field. Numerous individuals were within the vault when the tempest struck, and many came to it after. While remaining in the vault you had what you carried with you, a cover and a cushion and your family. The restrooms were flooding and the air possessed an aroma like demise. Individuals were pushing and pushing to discover a spot to rest in the crowed unsanitary place. If you somehow managed to stroll outside of the vault and around the bend you would see the groups of the people who didn't make it and who couldn't be acquired, a large number of them had a bit of paper with them expressing the names of their relatives so that after it was all over they could be covered. Individuals abandoned sustenance and water for a long time, some were stranded over their very own homes. Vehicles were submerged alongside a few homes and structures, numerous individuals couldn't swim so that was the passing of them.

Eventually, the Superdome was beginning to fall apart and the humidity started to build up even more because of the body heat, the bathroom began backing up and overflowing. Even though there was negativity all around, there was still someone trying to bring positivity back into the picture. A man that goes by the name ""Radio"" helped bring encouragement to the dome by going around and singing ""this little light of mine.""

Even with this encouragement, there were some people that couldn't take the no clean water, no food, and no medicine ""policy"". So they began doing what is known as ""looting."" Looting means, to take goods from (a place) by force or without right, especially in the time of war or lawlessness. In the wake of massive disasters, fears about crime and other forms of disorder almost always rise. But while some people do take advantage of the collective distraction, the fear of crime typically outstrips the reality. Fear of crime is typical after a massive disaster when the peace of mind goes with the rest. If a person lacks basics like clean underwear and a dry place to put their children to sleep, feeling frazzled and grasping for anything that will restore a sense of order becomes everyone's main priority. It's important to distinguish between taking resources for survival and non-essential luxury goods such as electronics (Flat screen TVs, DVD players, Play Stations) shoes and more. This type of looting is the one that deserves jail time. How can you benefit from these items? There's no type of electricity present, and I don't believe anyone wants to purchase shoes that are soaking wet. Looting isn't legal even if it was for a good or bad cause. A looter can only be charged with a crime if he or she is caught. In contrast, there were cops that were looting as well. Do they go to jail or do they get a pass because they're cops?

Let's look at looting from another perspective. I feel if I was one of the victims of hurricane Katrina and I had to steal from a local corner store or grocery store to get valuable things for my family or friends I would do it. The Act of Utilitarianism refers to a person's act is morally right if and only if it produces at least as much happiness as any other act that the person could perform at that time. It is a concept that believes that the morality of an action is determined by its usefulness to most of the people that this act is in accordance with the moral rules since it brings greater good or happiness. Yes, I would be breaking the law by stealing however, I would bring happiness to my family and friends when I bring back food and beneficial supplies to help us survive the tough times. If I was a police officer I wouldn't focus on trying to get the people that are stealing items that could help them survive.

Before I watched, ""When the Levees Broke"" I had already made my mind up on how I felt about stealing from the supermarket. After watching this film my decision still didn't change. Hurricane Katrina brought out the best and the worse in people. The wealthy were treated fast and kind, whereas the poor had to suffer until the government felt like doing something about it. Some went without food and water for 3 or more days. Houses were destroyed, cars were underwater, and people were neglected. Hurricane Katrina affected over 15 million people in different ways varying from having to evacuate their homes, rising gas prices, and the economy suffering. At this point, it seems like every man is for themselves. So, if one wishes to protect their belongings against looters, the only way to do so is by putting themselves between their possessions and those who wish to take them. However, in a natural disaster, I do not believe that people in a local corner store are going to be guarding their items. Yes, it is illegal to looter but if you do it fast and not get caught, you should be fine. So I completely agree with going up to my local supermarket and getting things that could benefit me and my family. And if I was to get caught I doubt I would care because I know I was doing it for a good cause.

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