Human Experiences

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Human experiences are inevitable and affect people from all corners of the world whether they are wealthy or struggling financially and in a strong or weak relationship. Human experiences are emphasized through the play ‘Ruby Moon’ composed by Matt Cameron where the Human Experience of the loss of a child is addressed to the audience. A similar message is conveyed in the Golden Boy composed by Abigail Tarttelin. This detrimental social concern can have many ramifications on both the families and friends involved, which could lead to them facing the challenge of grief and sorrow as well as paranoia shown concurrently in the play ‘Ruby Moon’ and Golden Boy. The two plays represent a modern day life of individuals and the experiences they have to go through every day. The author of the novel Ruby Moon explores the experience of individuals, loss as well as grief. These are the issues that shape the identity of a person and hence result to impact the relationships with others. The loss of a child may be a great loss to any of the families as it brings grief to the affected. The issue leads to the fear of the unknown as they do not know what will happen with their other children in the future. By having the same fear in the family of Max in the book Golden boy, the family is worried due to the life-changing questions they receive. They also fear of the threat of hunger, the revelations as well as the love life of the boy. There is the fear of him being flawed failing to become the perfect boyfriend for the misfit of Sylvie Clark or even the oddball loner in the entire class. By the loss of the father in the golden boy brings out the issue of grief as the mother is worried about her reputation. This is because many people took her to have lied with a white tourist though this was not the case. The secret of their son being born with forty-six XY chromosomes and forty-six XX chromosomes keeps haunting them. They are therefore having hard time thinking about the future of their intersex son. Max and his family are in a state of confusion as they try to understand the real identity of their son. Ray and Sylvie, in the Ruby moon, are in a state of distress and grief after their daughter got lost on her way to visit her grandmother. The grief leads to a state of fear of the future. With the whole story not giving the link to where the daughter could have ended up in, it is clear that the couple lives a traumatized life. This represents the issue of grief in their lives which brings out the experiences that many families have to go through in their lives every day.
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