How to Deal with Anxiety

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Ferris Bueller says it best Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. What Matthew Broderick's character is basically saying this, life flashes before each individuals lives, they should all ponder about what has been going on and take control of themselves. According to Stewart Stafford he says that Rejection puts you out of your comfort zone which is usually at your best. Rejection is tough and it is a way of life. There are many different thoughts that go into our mind How did this happen, Why did this happen, How can I make the pain go away, How can I make my life better. They have to face the facts, rejection happens all the time. For some of us we can move on after the first day, a few weeks, or even it can take a few months. There are many ways to conquer the mental mindset of rejection. However, it takes time. Individuals can get help from everyone around who truly do care for them. The people who think their mind is closed should their mind back up. Once he or she reads this, they will then realize that their life matters, they can move on from rejection, and they can have endless opportunities out in this world. There are many different ways to see rejection but it could by how he or she has confidence in their life to do something for a change.

MRI Studies have shown in the past that the brain plays a major part for people talking about their rejections. The brain has similar emotions to someone having feelings of rejection to someone having physical pain. In another study, researchers gave normal people some advil before talking about in issue that they had in the past. Once the research was all gathered up, the researchers found out that advil can help calm down the person of someone being nervous (Winch 2013). The sensitive pain is the main way that rejection can affect of how we feel good. Rejections can also hurt our state of mind, it can make us turn into a different versions of ourselves and that is not the people that they need to be. The worst type of pain that hurts them is doing harm to their souls. This can affect the people that we love but, it really affects with the person behaving in a negative manner. Having negative thoughts is not a good thing and those people need to move on from them. Bad thoughts can take them out of having a group of friends and make them feel like an outsider. Making those certain people act like outsiders can make them feel alone and that's tough. It can also affect oneself when they get upset or create violence and that is not a good. No one needs that to happen in their families, friends, or to people that they have never met. They do not deserve it. Rejection can make our intelligence quotient IQ lower temporarily (Winch 2013). The brain can affect the way we think in our decision makings, school, and even work. For a short period of time people can have issues trying to think about other stuff that matters to them. It can take a few days, months, or years till they feel better about themselves but it starts now.

Rejection can be bad towards young women especially around the ages of being a teenager (13 - 19). Girls around that age can act very dejected, pressured, and issues with either eating a lot of food or not enough food. Rejection is always built in their minds and they must find different ways to learn from it and take charge from life. There are lots of different ways to getting out of rejection. A good way is to take notice of what all has happened and see that it is a bad situation at that moment. Rejection is a part of life and feeling the heartbreak is upsetting but it is happens. It is always good for people to speak out their minds to peers around them because it can make one's self reflect on what has happened. Avoid overthinking what has happened, because they would be putting a lot of blame against themselves or putting bad images to your head and that is not good. It is always good to talk with your family and friends because friends and family are positive people in your life and they will always have your side. Talking to people that have been positive to you in your lifetime can help the pain go down in more ways than you can think of. It is always better to talk friends and family because it makes the individual, the real being that they are. Also the peers want them to do good again like they have done in the past (Whipps 2016). Engaging in manual work or working out can usually soothe rejection. It is ok to allow oneself to feel whatever they need to feel because he or she can take it. It is not a bad thing because they can do it and be strong. They should not jump into anything that is bad. On the other hand try to take things slow and time will be on their side. If things don't go as planned it is ok, just move on from it.

Another good thing is do your best to believe there is something better. What that means is to try to put yourself in a better mindset to do what you want to do. A person's anxiety can say things like What if they never get another job? or They are going to end up living with your parents forever and alone. Those people thinking it are having a hard time listening to it and it is difficult to move on from. Try to trick their mind by saying stuff like There is something else out there for me, I can't give up just yet, or This wasn't my right path. Those types of phrases can help but it all starts with themselves trying to do the things that they know they can do. In all, taking away all of the bad thoughts and putting the good ones first helps for most people. Making themselves have aspirations that there is more important things out. They do not have to do what they don't want to do even if that means if one person likes you, you can politely say Yes or Sorry, no thank you.Try to find someone else or something else that matches with their interest. When dealing with rejection think of a few things. Just tell say that people have their opinions, it is ok, let it be their lost. Try their best to not take it to hard on themselves directly.

Rejection can be used as a miracle that can not be seen. Be logical about it if he or she can do whatever to look for someone new who really cares for them, having no love lost between each other, and shows what makes them, them. Another way is to think about all the things that made them a different person. This helps with their mental state of mind. It would also help your mental state of mind if you also wrote down their emotions because it could make them feel better to get their emotions out (Goldsmith 2015). See it as the opposite person or jobs misfortune because they definitely do not see how great you really are. People need to learn from their mistakes because we accept helpful guidance and it can enhance upon us. It doesn't show that their broken but it is a good way to exist and understand them. Rejection doesn't mean there is something bad with themselves. It just means they got to work on each other first and then work on themselves too. Give them plenty of time to relax and feel the touch of reality again. Do not look at rejection as a way of that they are not the best at anything. In others way, look at the normal situation of existence and understand to care and support them. Do not ever give up because some people just want to stay in one place and not do anything. They could have thoughts of running away to another place, find a good paying job, and live a new life. However, some people may feel comfortable in a place that they have been living in for a while. For those people who get rejected they can feel like they don't have the ability to do certain things like they once did because they got their feelings hurt.

According to this one girl named Sylvia, she has suffered anxiety and depression and here life has some issues along the way (DeMichiel 2018). She always felt like her life needed to take charge and move on on from everything. By giving up on life, she explains that you won't really know what all may happen in the years to come. So whatever you push yourself, do not give up on life, and chase your dreams.
Therapy is a good way to heal rejection. Talking to a trustworthy friend(s), mentors or a helpful person in your family can be good when someone is disappointed with being rejected. However, some people can be very emotional to it and it may take them a while to move on from the discomfort (Goodtherapy 2015). Occasionally, this dilemma can have bad results like having thoughts of suicide, overdosing on drugs, or feeling misplaced in the world. These issues can be brought up and handled with therapy sessions. A therapist could give advice to understand why one person has a possible sense for dejection and engaged to obtain individual progress to this extent. A few humans might embody the agony of dejection, thinking that there is an issue with the other person.

On the other hand, they might understand why the person is not the way that they are. Constant reactions of rejection might point to intense feedback, like invasions or fights. These actions might have the consequences of more disconnecting a human. However, it could also have a bad result to those friends with someone that they know. Examining a person's thoughts with a psychologist can be good guidance to stop dangerous and thoughtful acts. Rejection can be quite baffling and guided towards uncertainty and subjective pain. Therapy can aid a person talking about their issues. If someone is constantly feeling abandoned, they might discover therapy to be beneficial in the examination of possible senses for never-ending exclusion of being by themselves. People who are afraid of rejection in the future or try to move on from a current situation might see that a psychologist can be useful and help them out with the whatever is going on.

Couples counseling might be useful to people in a relationship because rejection topics involve the two couple and it could also be shown that rejection was used in the affair. One person in the relationship might not know the actions make the opposite person in the relationship feel on their own and therapy can guide us to why the person acts this way. The stories can impact how a relationship is going and it can be a good or bad depending on the situation (Whitbourne 2012). The therapy sessions can help the negative behaviors like violence both mentally and physically. The best thing to do is talk about it in a good manner and tell the person howthey truly feel. They need to be open and engaged to do things that they enjoy. The couple should always talk about the good between each other and be happy. When someone understands what is going on therapy can be aid with whatever is going on and it can help the unhealthy relationship between the two people and make their lives better again.

One way to see that therapy works is by learning from someone who has taken therapy. Eddie is a guy who has gone to therapy for many different issues like stress and anger management (GoodTherapy). He tells a psychologist that he has been dating a lot of girls but he does not have any luck with the ladies. He is disappointed because he really wants a girlfriend and he wants his friends to be happy that he has someone that he truly cares about. The therapist asks if he likes dating a lot of girls. He says Yes, but I want to be with one person and not turn my head to someone else. I do treat women with respect but for some reason they are not drawn to me like I am to each of them. The therapist then says to Eddie, do you know which girl that you like. Eddie replies No because everyone that I met is special but I'd like to be with just someone that cares for me then someone who doesn't care for me at all. The therapist then says that he should find out what that he needs to find some that is positive and makes him happy.

Rejection can be really tough. There are two ways to handle rejection: those people can handle it on their own or there is the other group of people that need their family and friends to guide them with their journey of life. Everyone struggles with rejection if you take it for a short time period you will feel better but, if they take it a few months or a year it can be tough on themself. If they get the help they deserve, their life can feel better. Therapy can help a person or a group of people when life is not going right. Do not quit on life, take it one day at a time, and live life to the fullest. Trust in what he or she believe is right and they can make it happen.

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