How Much Weight Public Relations Effects the Consumer

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Public relations in business can be explained as the method various businesses use to converse with their consumers. The importance of public relations is that it plays a major role in reputation and building strategies of any business. With the increasingly changing business world, consumers are able to access any information they may require about any business. Businesses therefore have to check on transparency and credibility in order to attract more consumers whilst maintaining consumer base. This implies that the impact of public relations on consumers is highly positive. The weight of the impact of public relations can be explained by its objectives which include providing information, product awareness, stimulating demand and creating interest. This research aims at researching the weight public relations has on consumers.

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“How Much Weight Public Relations Effects the Consumer”

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Public relation through media coverage shapes the insight of consumers towards a certain brand (jenna, n..p). As leading information is made available to consumers, the opinion of the particular brands or the business changes. The change may be positive or negative depending on the news brought by the media. To measure the weight of public relation through press coverage, I shall provide  list of several brands to survey respondents. Some of the brands have had negative press coverage.

From the figure above, the brands that had negative press coverage also received negative perception from the consumers (jenna, n..p). The perception of consumers towards a certain brand determines their likelihood to purchase that commodity. All the same, public relations is able to change the perception of consumers by providing positive news and creating more awareness (Dodd, n..p). The weight of the effect of public relations on the fidelity of consumers is resilient and more substantial when the brand image is favorable.

Public relations play a major role in making strategic decisions that help in managing organization’s behavior. Public relations ensures quality production of commodities. When a certain business is able to produce quality products, then more consumers will flow towards that direction. In other words, public relations helps catch the attention of consumers. It is a linking action which strengthens relationships with consumers and stakeholders. For instance, a company such as Samsung is known for producing quality products that are loved by most consumers. In this case, it might not be due to media coverage, but due to proper public relation strategies to produce quality goods as per the consumer need (Hsieh et al., 26-42). Managing organization behavior also involves setting a code of ethics for employees and dealing with negative reviews and negative media coverage. As they say, ‘charity begins at home’, the same applies to all businesses. Creating a good image of your company may attract more consumers. For instance, if Samsung customer service department employed unqualified personnels, then their brand name might have poor ratings from consumers. If a business has its operations kept on point, that is, perfect customer service, quality products and good organization behavior in general, then it is easy for them to achieve consumer loyalty at a high rate (Hsieh et al., 26-42). This case may also help in neutralizing native PR from the media and social platforms. A good example can be explained by Samsung company. It might be very difficult for its consumers to shift to another brand due to bad information from the media. This is because they know about the products from the company and their employees are always helpful to them.

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