How Hunger Affects Many Countries

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World hunger is something not only affecting few in smaller countries but affecting many in most countries. In todays society, many people have blinders on to this world problem, and they choose to ignore the situation by acting as if it is insignificant since it has no direct effect on them personally. World hunger is, and will continue to be, a great problem if the world does not take action. The reason being that there is a cyclic rotation from generation to generation. This causes millions of individuals and families to worry daily about where their next meal might come from. Hunger affects many countries, not just those considered third world, in many different ways that majority of the world has yet to understand. Statistically speaking, world hunger has a great impact on approximately 854 million people in the world, almost 14% of the total population (Hittfield, 2009). Hunger is an issue in every country, but some areas have it worse than others. Asia has the highest number of malnourished individuals due to the sheer size (Syndicate, 2018). Asia being a large land mass means that the amount of food availability is not enough to feed everyone. If they are fortunate enough to eat, the chances of the population getting enough nourishment is rare. In Sub-Saharan Africa, more than one of four suffered from chronic hunger in 2017 (Syndicate, 2018). World hunger has become a serious issue that cannot be ignored even if it does not affect our part of the world. Agriculture seems to be one of the lagging economic sectors of the last two decades and fixing this alone could significantly reduce starvation rates. The problem of hunger is increasing again just as the World Bank and several United Nations agencies have recently implied (Cowen, 2012). Drought is a key affecting factor in the topic of hunger. Due to low water supply, crops begin to die off and people run out of food. Once the drought problem is resolved, the people can no longer afford the crops because of the inflation on prices set by farmers to make up for their lost income. The sociological impact world hunger has made is nearly catastrophic. Africa has the biggest conflict when it comes to world hunger. Approximately 27.4% of the population in Africa was classified as severely food insecure in 2016, which is almost four times as high as any other region (Dorosh, 2017). Most of the time when people identify as hungry it is usually because of the poverty level they live in. It is proven that when someone lives in poverty they will most likely go hungry within the next few years. That has a huge role on the sociological impact in the world today. There are many reasons why continents such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America have such a high poverty rate and hunger conflicts. One being war, or the threat of war, which is a major factor in diverting resources from agriculture development into military hardware, disrupting the production of food (Collins, 1998). Also, the climate/weather in Africa and Latin America cause issues with hunger simply because they cannot grow enough crops in order to produce enough food for everyone in need. In todayr's society, most people do not realize how significant this problem happens to be. They are blinded by their own problems and cannot see that roughly 805 million people go malnourished on a daily basis (Black, 2008). The number of starving individuals and families in the world is far too many. The sociological impact that world hunger plants is quite significant in regard to other issues. The issue of world hunger is not one that can be cured overnight. It will take millions doing their part in order to accomplish the goal to end world hunger. The problem started during the occurrence of World War I and is continuing getting worse. Almost 804 million people are considered to be malnourished and starved. This has been a crisis for many years that the well-nourished population of the world tend to put on the back burner. World hunger is a serious issue and without serious efforts on all of our parts, it will not get better but instead continue to become worse.
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