How GMOs Can End World Hunger

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Genetically modified foods can end world hunger

The first genetically modified organism was approved in 1982, it was approved by the FDA. Later, Flavr Savr tomatoes were approved to be sold at grocery store shelves. Humans have been using genetically modified foods for over 30,000 years. Even our ancestors used GMOs. In 1937, there was a huge breakthrough in GMO technology. The cause of the breakthrough was because of Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen worked together to engineer the first-ever genetically engineered organisms. Due to this breakthrough, there is still a debate going on till today, but the scientific community has concluded that Genetically engineered food is indeed safe. GMOs consist of soy, corn or other crops. Farmers have been selecting some of the best plants and seeds from their domesticated crops for up to 10,000 years.

According to studies, by 2050, 70% of humans will need to produce more food to feed the population. Scientists have stated that GMOs are and will be very useful. GMOs can help feed the growing population. Biotechnology is the only way to feed the population. Biotech food can be healthier, but it can also help prevent cancer or a heart attack because there is a natural production of antioxidants. In 2007, studies showed that 60% of the population preferred genetically modified tomatoes. The population preferred the GM tomatoes because they last longer on the shelves. By having tomatoes on longer shelves, that means that we could ship tomatoes. By reducing the need to spray, GMOs cut farmers fuel, which helps global warming. Some GM foods have been proven that the higher levels of specific nutrients such as protein, calcium, or folate.

Many people believe that GMOs are not good, but scientists prove that GMOs and genetically modified foods are indeed not bad. Believe it or not, you as well as everyone else, eat genetically modified foods. Yes, GMOs can harm the environment, but they also save millions of lives. We believe that they are good, for many reasons, one of these reasons being to end world hunger.

Much of the food that we eat is GM foods. World hunger has been going for about since 1990. My group and I believe that nobody should suffer from hunger. Studies show that by 2050 the world will be past 5 billion people. Where is the world going to get enough food? Due to the number of people, there will be no space to plant crops. GM foods dont have to be grown. Researchers have shown that thousands of children show up to school on an empty stomach due to not having food. Thousands of kids also die because they dont have enough of vitamin A.. Yes, GM foods affect the world, but they can save many lives.

Yes, we know that this can be bad for the environment, but GM foods can save lives, they are healthy, and dont cause any kind of diseases. Genetically modified foods have always been tested before the food is sent to grocery stores. The Golden Rice Project is a project that was made to help children all around the world that have a low supply of vitamin A. Ingo Potrykus first developed the GRP on Easter of 2000. The Golden Rice Project helps many people every day. Genetically modified foods can also help feed thousands of people.

Many children, go to school very hungry. Every second a person dies due to world hunger. More than 1 billion people suffer due to world hunger. Approximately 36 million people die each year due to world hunger. I believe that nobody should have to suffer due to hunger. We all have money to buy food, but we could help all of these people to prevent from dying each day to a year. Like the Golden Rice project, we could also help with feeding the population.

What would you feel like if you didnt have the money for food? Youd feel bad right? I know I would. Imagine all the children that are suffering because either, their parents dont have money for food, or there is no food to be given. Would you stand in the way of giving the world food, or would you help give the world food? According to the Earth Island Journal, Dr. Vandana Shiva, one of the worldr's most experts on world hunger, claims that the argument of biotechnology will help feed the world. In 2000, biotech companies began a $50 million media campaign, in which Monsanto, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Swiss-based Novartis, the British Zeneca, Germanyr's BASF and Aventis of France. These ads were based off smiling children, which the statement said, solutions that could improve our world tomorrow and could help end world hunger.

Scientists have widely agreed that GMOs are safe, and they are key to alleviating world hunger. Everywhere around the world, is running out of space for fields. We are running out of space every day. We will run out of space, according to farmers. According to farmers, this space will be needed to build homes, buildings, or stores. Farmers use GMO seeds that have higher crop yields, use less land to grow those crops, and use fewer chemicals on the land. Thatr's good for both the planet and humans. We now have a very easy, very fast and very efficient technique for rewriting the genome, said one of its inventors, Jennifer Doudna. This technique was the Innovative Genomics Initiative which was launched in 2014.

Time Former President Jimmy Carter said: Responsible biotechnology is not the enemy, starvation is. Biotech companies invested billions of dollars into technology because of the potential for profit and the means to gain control over the worldr's food supply. Some scientists believe that nobody will ever find a way to end hunger, but others do believe there is a way, but nobody has found it yet.

GMOs mean cheaper, and more food to fight world hunger. this is the Third world of hunger. GMOs mean cheaper, and more food to feed the world. This is the Third World of world hunger, genetically modified foods also cost less. Genetically modified foods have better taste, and texture, they also have more naturally grown alternatives.
The other group, which is against GMOs, will probably tell you that GMOs are really bad. In fact, they are not bad. Scientists have proven that they are not bad, not even eat. What many people don't know is that genetically modified foods can actually prevent cancer or a heart attack. Nobody wants to get a heart attack, or get cancer.

The hope that GMO foods might bring solutions to malnutrition and world hunger was never more dramatically illustrated than when Time magazine ran a cover story titled Grains of Hope. The article joyfully announced the development of a genetically engineered golden rice. This new strain of GM rice has genes from viruses and daffodils spliced into its genetic instructions. quoted John Robbins. I strongly believe that GMOs can end world hunger with the help of the government and world. GMOs are not unhealthy, indeed they are healthy. GMOs can actually help climate change. Studies have shown that GMOs protect the Earth. One was that they protect the Earth is, that they help increase yields on farm. GMOs even have less pesticides, as you may know pesticides are bad for our health. Bel it doesnt contain GMOs, but if it doesnt have the sticker, then most likely it does contain GMO believe it or not, GMOs can help prevent malfunction.

How are we going to be against GMOs, if our ancestors even used GMOs? Why stop now? Approximately, everything that we eat contains some sort of kind of GMOs. Some foods that we eat almost every day, are meats, eggs, corn, dairy products, sugar, and packaged foods. Four of things are grown here in the U.S.; soy, corn, cotton, and canola. If something has a label ?NON-GMO than people are probably going to think, ?Oh that must be good since it doesnt contain GMOs.

Are you going to stop eating the everyday foods just because they contain GMOs? I for sure wouldnt. Okay, know would you rather stop eating the foods you eat and throw them away, or give them to help feed the population struggling with hunger. I would help the help struggling with hunger.

Thank you for listening to me speak about GMOs and world hunger. I strongly hope that you will remember some facts about this speech, and share the information you learned with your peers. I also hope that you are not against GMOs. Be for GMOs, they can end world hunger! Thank you.

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