Highest Death by Gun Rates

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The United States has near one of the highest death by gun rates, compared to other countries. This is a growing problem in today’s world, when it comes school, and other public shootings.

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“Highest Death by Gun Rates”

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For example the shooting that took place in a music festival October 1,2017 the gunman opened fire on more than 22 thousand people. This attack on the people left 59 people dead and more than 500 injured. This is a problem this shooting happened from a hotel room from across the way. The shooter was using a semi automatic weapon when he was opening fire. This is a problem that these weapons are able to do these things. One way we can decrease it is putting a restrictions on certain magazines. I think doing this will help people the gunman will not be able to do as much. I think another way we could do this is if we put in a course people have to go through and a test to get a license in order to purchase a firearm. I think another way we could make this decline is getting stricter on the background checks. I think doing this will make it harder for these weapons to land in the hands of people that should not have them.

People that are convicted criminals are getting there hands on guns. People don’t stop and think how this happens. I think another thing that should be done is there to be a gps tracker in these weapons. Doing so if the weapon is stolen from a house or someone that is legally licensed to own the weapon it can be tracked down. I think another thing that should happen is a check gets done on the person seeing if they have any connections to someone that is a well known or highly convicted criminal. I think doing this would bring it down because you do not know if they are doing this for that person.

Now when it comes to school shootings they are becoming more a things. Schools are having threats placed on the school. I think one way for this could go down is to arm school teachers that are licensed and goes through a course to use that weapon when needed like government officials have to. I also think the teachers should have the weapon placed in a locked safe in there room so no one can overpower them from the classroom because students are starting to do these shootings. I think another way is we can place metal detectors at the entrances of the school. I think doing this will help more too because it would go off it someone has something they shouldn’t have. And these metal detectors should have a armed guard standing at them at all times. I think another way we could bring it down is increase the age to purchase a firearm. I think doing this will be good because it gives people more time to grow up because the way the world is now people are not grown up by 18 and are doing things they should be doing.

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