Hidden Figures: Katherine Johnson

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Hidden figures is based on a true story about the life of Katherine John, an African-American mathematician who worked for NASA in the 1960s. Catherine has been very excellent since she was a child. Among the three, he seems to be relatively moderate. He accepts all unfair arrangements in silence as long as it is done under great injustice. But great talent, hard work, and a sense of responsibility have made her a favorite with the top brass. Her excellence is her capital, and in order to be able to successfully build manned rockets into space, NASA needs her anyway. Katherine John grew up with a prodigious aptitude for mathematics.

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“Hidden Figures: Katherine Johnson”

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She got her bachelor’s degree at the age of 18. She began working for NASA in 1953. She used her excellent computer skills on the first U.S. earth orbit mission in 1962, but Katherine’s race and gender led to discrimination and oppression at work. In the film, Katherine is furious at her boss for demanding that she spend 40 minutes a day in the bathroom. There are no bathrooms for people of color in the office building. She was also denied access to the coffee pot in the office. She was tired every day, had a low income and suffered from discrimination. Then the rain-soaked Catherine, almost roaring, complained about the unequal treatment, and her soul was full of black people’s perseverance and spunky free and easy personality, which was deafening. Fortunately, NASA’s administrator was a model of respect for facts, smashing down bathroom signs for people of color and barriers to racial and gender discrimination. Because of this, NASA’s work has progressed rapidly. Dorothy is the epitome of maturity in the film.

She is gentle but brave, whether she dares to submit the application for the seneschal again and again, or he takes the children to the white library to look for books. I think it is this brave support her in The Times of oppression still insist. She is a smart and gentle mother who is willing to look for other opportunities when her boss blocks her promotion application. Another girl named Mary, she is beautiful, strong and optimistic in the play, but she has a feeling of desperate and brave fighting, and she is determined to do it, no matter what the result is, as long as she wants to do. On the strong portrayal of the spirit of unyielding. At the end of the film, the space agency experienced all the difficulties to send a manned spacecraft into space and return. At the same time, Catherine and her companions’ talents have been recognized by more and more people, and thus have been given a broader career space. The whole film depicts three different female figures, who all get what they want. Maybe this is god’s reward for those who work hard.

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