Healthcare Act in the U.S

Healthcare has been around for about 150 years or so and has played a major part of the U.S. Americans beliefs and valves have initiated the fundamental change in the financing and delivery of healthcare. Ordinating from the early 1900’s, as we can see all presidents of the U.S have had a hand full on their back. As our population continues to grow and nation it will continue to become hard for our economy to stay stable, as well to afford health insurance.

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“Healthcare Act in the U.S”

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A well-known president of our time did put effort to trying to improve society and those of lesser fortune to obtain health insurance. Though it hasn’t succeeded in much and has helped some but has not completely crumble either. The well-known President, Barack Obama came up with The Obama care or a professional title the Affordable Care Act of 2010. The focus of this plan was to make health insurance affordable and available to all Americans by implementing a premium tax credit based on household incomes. As well as expanding on Medicaid programs to cover all adults below certain income based or poverty level. His mission was to encourage ways to help deliver lower cost for healthcare coverage.

One provision made in 2010 thru the Obama care was allowing people who have pre-existing conditions to be able to enroll in the pre-existing condition insurance plan. Though this was to be temporary and added to this was preventive services to be covered with no copays or deductibles to apply. Allowing added tax credits to apply to small businesses and individuals to help pay for insurances. An employee may be eligible for a premium credit either because the employer doesn’t offer coverage that is either not affordable or not able to provide minimum value.

In 2011, a provision was implemented impacting a well-developed plan organizing Medicare to allow people on Medicare part B to be entitled to various preventive and health services with no charge. Those who had Medicare part D who couldn’t get benefits were given discounts up to 50% on all approved generic drugs and named brands.

A third provision made was in 2012, the piolet project that launched the Accountable Care Organization focused on establishing care delivery and payment methods involving ACO’s The ACO was to improve overall health status efficiency of health care delivery and satisfaction with care for a defined population. #14 The grandfathered laws that were against women’s preventive care was lifted and now to be covered by all plans.

With the Obama Care a fourth major provision acted upon was the state-based exchanges. This provision gave an open window to allow individuals and small business to purchase health insurances that fit there needs and benefits. The exchange did include the states though it was not mandatory for them, they were still to complete an exchange and if not done it would be done for them with no circumstances
A fifth provision added in 2014, was Medicaid and Chip programs that were acted upon. All Americans to be applicable be based on income and to be tax based, with objective of eliminating the variations that currently were between states.

Even though the ethics and values of our Americans where never sought to be heard, these provisions put into the act without any public opinions would have helped. In my opinion the Obamacare act hadn’t solved much of our issues needed in our healthcare society. Like stated in the update on Health Care reform in the U.S, this plain has helped low-income American’s get insurance. While putting your middle-class American’s in bigger financial crisis.

Since Trump’s rein in office he has indeed put forth his effort to change the Act established by Barack Obama. His changes that were made when he gained presidency was wave grant exemptions or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of the act imposing a fiscal burden on any state. With cost, fee, tax penalty or regulatory burden on individuals, families, healthcare providers, health insurers, patients, recipients of healthcare services, purchasers of health insurance or makers of medical devices, products or medication (Bernstien, 2017) As seen on Thursday stated by Secretary Alex Azar of the department of Health Human Services, President Trump who’s willing to take decisive action, who understands business, who’s willing to work with private sectors. With his ideas that have been put into effect already will be seen premiums to drop 2% nationally next year and the federal exchange to grow four times in the first time of history. The President who is supposedly trying to sabotage the Affordable Care Act has proven better at managing it than the president who wrote the law

To conclude, there may never be a perfect healthcare act in the U.S today as many issues and health benefits keep arising or never will be satisfied Our federal governments and congress, as well as president will always be in battle for the best form of healthcare act for the Americans.

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