Harrison Bergeron and 2081

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In general, the dystopian genre has its particular characteristics. The dystopia is a futuristic, unreal society. The authors explain their arguments by making an exaggerated situation. The media controls by the government, and it uses to brainwash the people. The freedom in this kind of societies is restricted. The “V for Vendetta” is a dystopian movie. All elements like media, dictatorial government, and restricted society exist in this movie. “V for Vendetta” is a 2006 dystopian movie directed by James McTeigue, and written by The Wachowskis, based on a novel by Alan Moore. “V for Vendetta” as a dystopian movie depicts a restricted society by the dictatorial government in Britain. The context of the movie is the U.S. in 2006. Based on the plot that V says “Good evening London”, the movie takes place in Britain (V for Vendetta 2006.) The protests, the media, the society, and the government are four groups of people in this movie. V, Evey, Adam Sutler, Gordon Dietrich, Eric Finch, Lewis Prothero, Peter Creedy, Valerie Page, and Delia Surridge are all the main characters in this movie. The V is the leader of protests who fight for freedom. Although he acts like a terrorist, he is the positive character of the movie. Adam Sutler is the leader of the dictatorial government. Evey represents people who live with fear, and they are not brave enough to fight for their freedom. Gordon Dietrich who has Quran in his house kills by the government, and it shows the government restricted the people’s religion. Valerie page that kills in prison represents lesbians, so it shows the government restricted the sexual tendency. The primary themes are brainwashing, fear, hopes, violence, and dictatorship (V for Vendetta 2006.)

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“Harrison Bergeron and 2081”

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The director argues that people’s fear may end up to a fascist and corrupt government that it takes all the power to restrict the people’s rights. The propaganda depicted in this movie to show how government uses media to brainwash people. He indicates how technology is important for corrupt governments to brainwash people. On the other side, the V who is the represent of protest in this movie said, “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people” (V for Vendetta 2006.), it implies that feeling of fear leads them to not have any hope to change the future and shout their demands. In this kind of governments, leaders ignore and repress Muslims, immigrants, and homosexuals. The scene in the movie shows Grodon has a Quran in his house, He says “It’s a copy of the Quran, 14th century”, and Evey says “But is it worth it? I mean if they found that here” shows that they kill Gordon because of having Quran in his house. Valerie is a lesbian who killed in the prison (V for Vendetta 2006.) Valerie’s letters shows her life and her imprisonment as a result of her sexuality. The director depicts an imagined country that people allow their government to control everything. V is a freedom fighter who is trying to bring them down. There are a lot of scenes all over this movie that implies this message. If people do not fight and do not stand up to the government, one day the U.S will control by a dictatorship government like in V. In this movie symbol, allusion, and motifs have been used. Different symbols like V which is the symbol of victory and Fawkes mask which is the symbol of revolution used in this movie. The 5th of November and parliament fireworks are the allusions of Gunpowder Plot in 1605. Brainwashing, fear, and hope are the psychologic elements of this movie. It shows in corrupt governments, the dominant gender is men. The philosophy of this movie is morality, ethics, and freedom. He inspires people to fight against their government and do not be afraid.

By comparing this movie with four other dystopian stories and movies some similarities and differences found. The “Gattaca”, the “’Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman”, the “Orientation”, and the “Harrison Bergeron” all are dystopian stories and movies. The all have different arguments and fear about the future. The Gattaca’s author implies that how bad the genetic engineering is. The plot Vincent says “there is no gene for the human spirit” indicates that environment and brain power is more important than the gene (Gattaca 1997.) V represents the victory of rebellion against a repressive regime. Likewise, the reflections are the example of the motif in the Gattaca. There are many symbolic names in this movie, the name “Gattaca” is like DNA pair which makes by G, C, A, and T letters. Vincent name derived from “Vincere” that means victory. There are numerous close-ups on skin, nails and hair throughout the movie. The other dystopian story is the “’Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman”. The author argues that in the future world everything control by a tight schedule and ticking of a clock. People in this society like the society in “V for Vendetta” do not have enough power to change the rules. The author indicates that people don’t dare to change because they know what will happen to people who stand against the Ticktockman,“ they said to themselves well, you see, he was just a nut after all, and if that’s the way the system is run, then let’s do it that way”(Ellison 1997.) In this society being late is a crime, and it leads by Ticktockman who has all the power. The other dystopian story is the “Orientation”. The context of this story is the U.S in 1976 with a carpe diem theme. Unlike the V for Vendetta the gender in this story is all gender particularly adults. Ethic and morality are its philosophy. The author at the beginning of the story says “Those are the offices and these are cubicles, that’s my cubicle and this is your cubicle” so the point of view in this story is the reader (Orozco 2011.) The “Harrison Bergeron” as a dystopian story argues that peoples’ equality is impossible. Based on “THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal.” the setting of story is the U.S in 2081.In this story people force by law to be equal. The beautiful people are forced to wear mask, and the strong people are forced to carry weights, “They were burdened with sash weights and bags of birdshot, and their faces were masked, so that no one, seeing a free and graceful gesture or a pretty face”.

In my opinion, changing corrupt government in the third world and the second world countries are very complicated. Here is my opinion about people in modern countries. People all over the modern countries are responsible for their freedom. They have to know how to chase their demands for making a better world. They should work hard to persuade the government to modify all wrong previous laws or ratify new laws, but they have to fight for their demands moderately. It means acting like a terrorist is not a good way for protesting. They should be brave to shout their demand. People should be responsible for everything in their countries, especially when they want to vote in the election. If they don’t care what is going on it may end up to controlling the government by corrupt people. All governments have power and money to brainwash people by their own media. Propaganda may affect the people’s opinion to do what government wants them to do. People should be learn how analyze. Critical thinking helps people to not manipulate by corrupt leaders and their media.

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