God Talks to you through Prophets


A Christian prophet is an individual who is inspired to deliver a message to someone through the god himself. There’re many ways someone who is prophetic can receive a message through god. They will receive public or private revelations.

Dreams as a medium

One way a person can receive these messages is through dreams. Dreams can get very complex and scary. Some dreams can have positive or negative outcomes. “Prophetic dreams aren’t a new or recent phenomenon and even the earliest book of the Bible (Genesis) contains moments when prophetic dreams and visions play a role in presenting God’s message.” Some prophets can have dreams where they can see the future. There are 3 different types of prophetic dreams: apparitions, clairvoyant, & warning. Apparitions dreams come from some deeply repressed emotions that are trying to

make themselves known. These dreams are very common. They are usually complemented with the emotion of fear but have a significant message behind them. These dreams are most times ignored cause in the present world the individual is trying to ignore these feelings as well. That message is from god. This type of dream is the most common and

easiest to convey.

Different types of dreams

Clairvoyant dreams are more complex. With Clairvoyant dreams, a prophet may see something that may happen in the

future or something in the present. It may come up as metaphors to describe people and their intentions. Angels and spirits can communicate with the prophet through these dreams. They sometimes give the person clarity on some things that the prophet has been asking. These dreams are usually safe and relaxing. These dreams can also have to do with karmic patterns to understand some present moments. Souls and angels would speak to us in these dreams in symbols. Once the message is recognized and fixed these dreams will go away. These types of dreams are a little more complex.


Warning dreams are equally complex but can have some negativity behind them. Warning dreams are the most difficult to understand. These dreams can be difficult because they can be messages from god or one’s own consciousness. When

god uses these dreams, he can be warning the prophet about a current situation they’re encountering, a warning for someone else, or even some events that might happen to the world. All dreams can feel very real, but with these dreams the prophet may awake to feel some type of negative emotion. Prophet’s should not be too dependent on these dreams. These dreams can also have a positive meaning too.


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