For Jesus, Compassion was the Central Quality of God

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Many individuals in the current society are more eager to understand the meaning and importance of compassion in their daily lives. The subject of compassion is critical since it helps create a good understanding and cohesion among people. It is hence timely since various religions in the world all discuss divine, regarding God as being compassionate and they pressurize on the need of living and practicing compassion in daily lives. Divine is, therefore, a virtue that is mostly required in today’s world since it values power and rivalry and greed as compared to compassion. Even God central quality was compassion as Jesus said and all individuals have to try and imitate God to live by God desire as discussed below. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for compassion which in singular form stands for womb which is mostly related to God. It is interpreted as being compassionate in the characterization of God as being merciful and gracious. Hence, the Hebrew bible discusses God as compassionate with the resemblance of womb close at hand as for Jesus compassion was the central quality of God. Jesus statement requiring individuals to be compassionate as the God himself is compassionate is entrenched in the tradition of the Jewish. Where it is striking to claim as an image for the central quality of God, saying God is compassionate is like likening him to a womb. As it is the case with the womb, God is the one responsible for giving birth to us that is the mother who gave birth to all individuals in the world. God feels and loves us as it is expected of how a mother loves and feels for her children of her own womb. In its regard of a womb, compassionate has the distinction of encompassing, embracing, caring and perhaps nourishing and giving life since for Jesus this is what God is like. Furthermore, being compassionate as God is like being a womb as God himself is a womb. This helps one to feel like the way God feels and to perform as God performs in a beneficial and a life giving way. In the New Testament to be compassionate is somewhat what more abstract command to what love is. Hence, according to Jesus compassion should act as the central quality of a faithful life to heavenly God the compassionate one at all the time. It is even precisely known as according to a bible that God is a gracious and a compassionate God who contains the characteristic of slow to hunger and full of abundant faithfulness and love. As it the case with all God of attributes, God compassion is eternal and infinite in various ways where his compassion never fail at all. Even Jesus Christ, the son of the God, demonstrated all of the heavenly father attributes and more so compassion in various occasions. For, instance Jesus displayed compassion for his friends when they were weeping at the grave of Lazarus.    As it would be the case with God, Jesus displayed compassion by healing the large grounds that came to him for help. Also, he regarded the large troops as sheep without a steer, and hence his compassion led to educate them the things the unreal shepherds of Israel had neglected. The pastors and clerks were corrupt and proud; they hated the common people and abandoned them. However, Jesus had compassion on all them, and he loved and taught them. The New Testament and the intertestament literature further try to expound God as being a compassionate one. In his son ministry for and among his individuals, God compassion was demonstrated. The sickly masses, blind and the hungry people, helpless crowds were extended by the messianic compassion. The coming up father is occupied with compassion when he sees his wayward son coming back as just the heavenly God has compassion on all individuals and accepts all when we regret and decides to return. Disciples learn about compassion using exhortation and examples where imitating God can lead to having many lives of exemplary compassion. The scripture furthermore urges supporters to make compassion an important part of their daily lives. Compassion requires practicing and nurturing since this plain love comeback can produce cold and dull. God compassion is caringly and freely provided and is compared to that of parents towards their child. Even God himself confidently announces claim that’s, “I will have compassion on which I will have compassion’ ’Even though his compassion in most cases can be dissatisfied by disobedience there are instances where his disobedient individuals only hope is that his compassion overwhelms his fierce anger. God compassion is entrenched in his agreement understanding with his individuals, where also hope for the future is also entrenched in his compassion. It is claimed that compassion trails anger that is it is new every morning and overwhelms sin rather than disregarding it. It is not a surprise to learn that compassion is a character of God very being since the acting flow from the compassionate persons that is in the form of the lord, the lord, the gracious and merciful God. Throughout, the scripture the ethos of this assertion is contained. God used compassion as means or a tool that was important in maintaining the covenant, and therefore his followers praised for its continuation. Compassion in most situations is not always used with a human theme, but rather it initiates in a mother attitude toward her child or princes' response to an uncared child. The various way may be applied as God desire to open the doors of compassion. As Christian or believers on him, we should at all-time involve ourselves in duties of mercy to imitate God and reproduce his omnipresent within us. Moreover, another aspect that individual may apply is to open our moral character and intentions were the kind of individual we make all the alteration in doing great things or work for God. For instance, it is of importance to working at a children homes, however, if the intention of working were to gain recognition or praise from other individuals, this would be acting against the love of God, and therefore we should at all-time be a character that works at imitating God presence within ourselves. In our hymns, scripture and the writing of the church, it is often clear that God loves to apply that God is compassionate and merciful. In this world, nothing is more suitable than being compassionate and at the same time being merciful[footnoteRef:6]. In short the discipleship that Jesus was more interested in was the discipleship of all sinners that in most of the time lived using the means of spirit of thankfulness, a discipleship that is equipped to accept all those who are viewed as being not relevant to the opinion makers, and therefore they should be ready to serve   rather than look to be served by others. Jesus also integrated the notion of compassion into his various lessons in addition to his example, afterward assigning some powerful and comforting realities. For instance, it is shared information to the bible learner that Jews had no relations with the Samaritan which was a pedigree race seen as turncoats. However, there was a situation where conceited Jewish lawyer to validate himself, remarked: who is perceived as his neighbor. Jesus response was based on the parable of the traveling Samaritan who faced an injured Jew. In this parable, the hero is the hated Samaritan who was progressed with compassion in contradiction to his enemy. For Jesus, Compassion was the central quality of God and therefore always tried to imitate the God through his various actions. For instance, Jesus had a sentiment for a poor man who was stricken with a feared disease known as leprosy. After seeing Jesus, the man kneeled in front of him and pleaded with him to make him clean with unknown confidence. Then Jesus portrayed his compassion by agreeing to heal the man where he was instantly cleansed with a touch of the savior's hand. Therefore, it can be correct for someone to say that it was through the Lord Compassion hand he had that ensured the gentleman enjoyed his life once again. The intention of the miracle was for instance to expound Jesus credibility as a tutor from God[footnoteRef:8]. All in all it important that we do not overlook the point that Christ had genuine compassion for this horrible man dilemma. Therefore, Jesus may not astoundingly protect us from various bodily outcomes of a sin annoying world, but it is important to note that as we suffer we may expect or be assured of his genuine compassion. Lastly, on a similar but a different situation Jesus and his disciples visited a city known as Nain which was almost near Nazareth. While Jesus and his disciples on their way to the city, they came across a funeral gathering at the entrance, where the gatherings was mourning a young man who was the only child of the widowed mother. On seeing the whole sad scene Jesus had compassion on the lonely lady and helped him and begged him to stop weeping. Jesus moved near the corpse of the young man as the bearer looked at him shockingly and just with a touch the young man aroused. The young man perceived to be dead aroused and began talking to his mother. The mother was overjoyed and thanked Jesus for the delightful gift she has never seen in her life. Similarly it essential to note that the purpose of this miracle was meant to find Jesus credentials a divine narrator an outcome which was created immediately. Hence, irrespective of the way it may be, it is essential that we avoid failing to note the point that about that higher objective the Lord always had compassion which was also the central quality of God.
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