Festival of Nations

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Singapore is a smart and small country from the Malaysian peninsula. They have a diverse and smart culture. Singapore is a country with a rich history dating back.

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“Festival of Nations”

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Singapore’s earliest recorded history was in AD 1298, while the built their first settlement. The name back then was called Temasek (Sea Town). During the 14th century, Temasek was located strategically on the coast, so it earned a new name. The name has originated from the Sanskrit words “Simha” and “Pura.”” Translated from Sanskrit spells Singapura (also means lion city). Ancient Singapura was ruled by 5 kings and located by the tip of the Malaysian peninsula. The location of Singapura made it ideal for trading. Singapura name changed once more because it was corrupted to Singapore. The lieutenant-governor of Bencoolen landed in Singapore on January 29, 1819. He saw true potential for Singapore it was covered in a swamp covered island. He helped negotiate a treaty with the leaders nearby. He got approved and established Singapore as a trading port. In 1822, Raffles implemented the Jackson plan to address growing disorderliness in the colony. Singapore was divided into four areas the first area was Singapore the next was Chinatown after that was Singapore River and the last is Kampong Glam. Singapore continued to develop as a trading port. They have established several banks, a commercial association, and chambers of commerce. On December 8, 1941, Singapore suffered a blow to the Japanese during WWII. They arrived from the north, Military thought they were coming the from the south (the sea). They allies surrendered to the Japanese on Chinese New Year. (February 15, 1942). The Japanese surrendered on September 2, 1945. On April 1946, Singapore became part of the British Crown Colony. In 1963, Malaysia was formed, Comprised of the Federation of Malaysia, Singapore, Sarawak, and North Borneo. 2 years later August 9, 1965, Singapore left the Malaysia federation to become an Independent and Sovereign democratic nation.

Singapore has a Parliamentary representative democratic system of Government. With a President as head of state, and a Prime Minister as the head of the Government. Singapore practices multi-party political system with Democratic elections. Singapore has developed a full market economy open & corruption-free environment & stable prices.

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