Fedex Community and Employees and its Relationships with Charitable Organizations Business Essay

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FedEx is committed to its employees, and the communities it serves. In addition to corporate philanthropy and employee volunteerism, FedEx has developed strategic relationships with charitable organizations that share its values. FedEx mission is to actively support and provide a valuable benefit to the communities it serves, and to strengthen its global reputation through strategic allocation of its people, resources and network. Core Giving Areas Working with global and grassroots organisations acrossA Europe, theA Middle East, Indian subcontinent andA Africa, FedEx provides support under four specific areas that draw on the strength of both the FedEx organisation, and its employees across the region.

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“Fedex Community and Employees and its Relationships with Charitable Organizations Business Essay”

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FedEx provides contributions and logistics/ transportation support for emergency and disaster needs. Relationships have been established with several relief agencies to help ensure that aid reaches people quickly and efficiently during times of crisis.

Safety is a core FedEx value, and it is the company’s top priority across all operations. FedEx currently partners with the Safe Kids Foundation,A IndiaA to promote child and pedestrian safety, and also supports other organizations that work to enhance the safety of children and road-users across the region.

Education is vital to the future of our communities and to FedEx. The company works extensively with organisations that deliver educational programs such as theA FedExA BrakeA RoadA SafetyA AcademyA in theA UK.A  FedEx also supports youth development organizations across the globe that deliver educational programs in the following areas: environment, cultural diversity, technology, global economics and trade to enhance learning.

Available support includes financial contributions, in-kind shipping services and coordination of volunteer services by our employees.

FedEx prefers to contribute to specific program needs rather than special events or capital campaigns, and focuses on building long-term relationships with local partners. Because of the large volume of requests we receive, FedEx is unable to accept requests made via telephone.

Applicants should be registered charitable organisations, in good financial and public standing.A  Organisations must show evidence of competent management, low administrative/fundraising expense ratios, and a non discriminatory program benefiting broad segments of the community.

For all programs, FedEx heavily weighs the potential involvement of its employees when reviewing an organisation or project.A  Requests are judged on individual merit, however, funding is generally not available for the following: Additional funds to organizations already supported Athletic groups or activities, including charity-benefit sporting events Complimentary shipping of items sold through fundraisers Exclusively tax-supported educational institutions Individual needs, including scholarships Endowments or memorials Public or private elementary schools, secondary schools or colleges FedEx promotional merchandise Political or labour organizations Sectarian or religious denominations Membership dues Travel funds for tours, expeditions or trips

FedEx Express endeavours to responds to all requests in writing. However, because of the large volume of requests it receives, the company is unable to give any responses or confirmations over the telephone.

If your request is selected for funding or support, you will be notified. Not every request that matches FedEx contribution guidelines will receive funding.A  All contributions are one-time only unless otherwise stated.

Requests for contributions can be made by writing to: FedEx Express Social Responsibility St Goedeleplein 14 BrusselsA A A A  1000 Belgium

FedEx seeks to employ staff from its surrounding communities, drawing on the local experience and knowledge to deliver an outstanding service every day.

FedEx is dedicated to the principle that our employees are our most important resource, and has been recognized as a leading organisation with a commitment to employing a diverse workforce:

FedEx Express Germany signed the German Charter of Diversity in 2007A . In 2006, the French Minister for Equal Opportunities launched the “Diversity within Corporation” awards to reward outstanding practices within both small business and large multinational corporations.A A FedEx was awarded the Partnership Award,A based on its level of commitment to establishing a diverse environment, involvement of social partners, training and internal communication.A A FedEx Express France signed the France Diversity Charter in 2005. FedEx Express Belgium was recognized by theA Great PlaceA to Work Institute for its excellent policies supporting a diverse workforce, winning the Diversity Award for 2006.

FedEx recognises that effective environmental management is one of its most important corporate priorities. FedEx is committed to protecting and respecting the environment through outstanding environmental performance and efficient operations.

FedEx takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously, integrating business practices that reduce emissions, modernizing the aircraft fleet, and by using and strongly supporting the development of alternate fuel vehicles.

As part of our ongoing efforts to attain this objective, FedEx focuses on the following initiatives: A·A A A A A A A A  Commitment to a continual improvement process in environmental management A·A A A A A A A A  Participation in the development of sound environmental policy within the transportation and business sectors A·A A A A A A A A  Integration of environmental responsibilities and considerations into daily operations and business decision-making processes A·A A A A A A A A  Use of innovations and technologies to minimize atmospheric emissions and noise A·A A A A A A A A  Efficient use of natural resources to minimize waste generation through efforts that include recycling, innovation and prevention of pollution A·A A A A A A A A  Evaluation of environmental impacts of FedEx packaging products, operations and facilities, with a commitment to minimize impacts and restore properties affected by our operations A·A A A A A A A A  Commitment to emergency preparedness and response in order to minimize any potential environmental impacts resulting from day-to-day operations

For more information about FedEx environmentally responsible projects across the globe, see -


FedEx is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, and has already made significant improvements, including the reduction of in-gate aircraft auxiliary power, reducing annual fuel consumption by more than 20 million litres.

In addition, FedEx is also modernising its aircraft fleet with plans to:

FedEx is introducing more fuel efficient aircraft, this includes 757s which have 20% greater capacity using 36% less fuel. The 777 will use 18% less fuel compared to aircraft in use today.

Ground Vehicles

Finding ways to reduce fuel consumption is important to FedEx. The company takes part inA studies conducted by the Paris City Council to optimise and regulate the delivery of goods in the French capital, and signed the “Transport and Goods Delivery Resolution for Best Practice” as part of its dedication to improve traffic conditions in the centre of Paris in June 2006. With 93 hybrids in current use, FedEx operates the most hybrid vehicles in the Express industry.A  In Europe, FedEx is working with vehicle manufacturer Iveco to trial 10 electric/diesel hybrid commercial vehicles.

Across its global operations, FedEx Express saved more than 9 million litres of ground fuel in 2006 through its vehicle utilization optimization efforts.

FedEx has also taken important steps toward building an environmentally friendly, alternative fuel fleet, operating LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) delivery vans in London, UK, and support vehicles at the hub facility at Charles De Gaulle Airport in France. LPG has the benefit of reducing emissions of particulates and oxides of nitrogen significantly compared with diesel and reducing carbon emissions by approximately 12% compared with petrol. Packaging FedEx is committed to the continued evaluation of environmental impacts of FedEx packaging products. For more than 10 years, FedEx has worked to minimize the environmental impact of its packaging:

FedEx packaging uses recycled and recyclable materials. FedEx packaging uses only non-toxic inks, varnishes, and adhesives. The FedExA®A Envelope is made of 100-percent recycled material, 35 percent minimum post-consumer content and is not bleached. The FedEx specialty corrugated boxes are high in recycled and post-consumer content, containing 80% recycled material with a minimum of 60% post-consumer content. FedExA®A Paks are produced using a minimum of 60-percent post-industrial recycled content. FedEx utilizes a Reusable Envelope that extends packaging life.

Environmental Policy

The scope of this policy covers all FedEx (Domestic & International) UK Operated sites. FedEx is committed to minimising the environmental impact of the delivery of its services by:

MeetingA and where possible, exceeding the requirements of applicable legislation and regulations.

ConsideringA the environmental impacts of its decisions and activities and fostering a sense of responsibility amongst all employees to achieve reasonable continual improvement and the prevention of pollution.

ConservingA energy and other natural resources through energy and water efficiency measures, green purchasing policies, by using fewer environmental damaging fuels, where cost-effective and practical, and by developing methods to reduce the amount of fuel used by vehicles on company business.

EncouragingA employees to reduce their use of cars anywhere appropriate and practical, to support any initiative which will encourage greater use of walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing as an environmentally more acceptable means of travel.

DevelopingA policies to ensure that where possible only those goods and materials which can be manufactured, used, and disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way are purchased. MinimisingA the amount of waste produced and promoting the recycling of waste materials created by the delivery services.

ProvidingA employees with regular environmental awareness training.

WorkingA with customers, contractors and suppliers to help them improve their environmental performance.

Regularly checkingA our environmental performance by reviewing progress on relevant corporate strategic objectives.

Royal Mail Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report, 2008/09

“Touching lives, connecting people”

Our reporting structure

2008/09 represents the seventh year that we have published an external Corporate Social Responsibility report and the second successive year that we have reported on our activities using Business in the Community’s four-fold classification framework. Our reporting structure, reflected in the structure of this report, is as follows:

Our big five CSR ambitions

Our Big Five CSR ambitions are a product of our partnership approach. Through these ambitions, we want to demonstrate our commitment to doing the right thing: for our customers, employees and suppliers. Doing the right thing makes good business sense – building a leadership role in CSR enables us to distinguish ourselves in a competitive marketplace, as well as enabling us to reduce our bottom-line costs, and recruit and retain the best talent. We aspire to become the leading organisation for CSR in the UK. This report provides an overview of our progress so far. Demonstrate equality and fairness throughout our workplace. Ensure unrivalled standards of safety in our workplace. Provide first class support to improve and maintain the health of our colleagues. Provide first class support to improve and maintain the health of our colleagues. Become carbon neutral by 2015 and help our customers do business in an environmentally sustainable and competitive way.

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