Extending the Opportunity

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Here in the 21st century, raising children is completely overrated. Sexism is nearly diminished, jobs are as competitive as ever, and lets get real, modern children are brats. Nevertheless, couples cannot seem to keep their hands off each other during the females six day window of fertility. There is never a good time to be expecting, the couple is too young, too old, not enough in love, too much in love, or for the now single mother, shes too busy, not ready, and should be totally in control of her body. However theres one big reason why its never a good time to be expecting, it is so hard to support a child.

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“Extending the Opportunity”

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I have a solution to this problem that I think people could really get behind, especially Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood. Now my plan is already partially in place, however extremely limited, so just know that Im proposing a minute extension of abortion where it is legal until the child turns 18. Federally abortion is legal up to 24 weeks into the pregnancy for the average pregnancy, however women carrying a rape baby or who bare the risk of death are extremely lucky because they can have the highly safe and legal medical procedure in a state of the art clinic, which has no hospital admitting privileges, pretty much up to the day the child would be born, with absolutely no possibility of complications.

Extending the opportunity to kill a child until the age of 18 is highly moral and ethical because whether the child is inside or outside the womb, a large clump of cells is still a clump of cells. Plus the child is still fully dependent on their parent or guardian until the age of 18. Regardless if a child is in the womb or not parents are still required to provide nourishment and shelter. If its legal to kill the child in the womb how is that any different than outside the womb? Also the child is still developing whether they are in the womb or are under 18. Even the government doesnt find a child competent enough to be given true citizenship responsibilities until they are 18. Not only that but it would also eliminate the foster care system, in which children are often abused then thrown out into the world as an adult, completely unprepared.

‹Now obviously it would be extremely financially beneficial for parents to be able to kill their children at any point as long as they are under 18. On average it is estimated to cost $13,000 per year, per child. Imagine how much money parents could save if they just simply got rid of that middle child they never pay attention to anyway.
There is another benefit for parents that can even include their employers. Many businesses offer Employee Assistance Programs to uphold the mental stability of their employees. Many parents say that supporting their children causes them great stress, and that the teenage years are the hardest. If a parent could kill their child as soon as they become too unruly, difficult, or expensive they could get rid of the problem right away, saving them and their employers money.

Planned Parenthood is already working creating a business, in which they sell baby body parts to scientific research. It could be expanded to include the more developed body parts of older children. Because the organization does so much with their abortions and their contraceptives to encourage parenthood, killing an unsupportable child and then giving the body to Planned Parenthood would almost be like returning a pair of pants to Target or Walmart. Also when parents are considering the choice killing their child, they can alert the body snatchers (transplant doctors), who can then find recipients and procure some organs for transplants. It could even be an option to test the organs before hand so it would be possible for a child to make any lifestyle changes that would make an organ or two more healthy.

Not only would allowing parents to kill their children up to the age of 18 provide financial security and boost the economy,but it would also greatly improve national security. An increasing majority of young people identify as pro-life. This identification has been linked to terrorism of the cruelest form. A large number of pro-lifers shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, and it is not uncommon to find them terrorizing innocent women who are entering abortion clinic by screaming You have other options! I can help you find the resources you need! or God forbid Im praying for you!

And despite the thorough secularization of todays society some of these young people have become pro-life because they have found peace in cultish religions like Catholicism. Such beliefs are just proof that these young people are brainwashed. Their parents could stop this madness, kill their children, and save our country. Without them these children could be able to vote one day!

‹It is truly in the best interest of all families, businesses, this nation, and Planned Parenthood to allow parents to take honorable, courageous, and selfless action and kill their child under the 18 for whatever reason they deem necessary. This solution will solve more problems than I can list in this modest proposal. I truly hope congress is able to pass a measure as such without thoroughly reading it.

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