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Managerial Ethics & Social Responsibility

Ethics and ethical behavior is difficult to touch up on, especially in current times when institutions are filled with corruption and desire money and power. We live in an environment where acting with ethics for the sake of dignity can cost a person their job, family, and in extreme cases their life. You may have […]

Pages: 2 Words: 730 Topics: Elon Musk, Ethics, Reputation, Social Responsibility

Corporate & Social Responsibility of Accountants

Accounting Responsibility Entering the business field of accounting launches an individual accountant as well as the accounting department to take on responsibility of their organizations accounting data and information. They become and are responsible for preparing and providing accurate financial budgets to auditing and decision making departments. This is done while maintaining and controlling their […]

Pages: 3 Words: 945 Topics: Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, Social Responsibility
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Utilitarianism by Jeremy Bentham

Utilitarianism was introduced because of the influence of the civil and industrial revolutions which led to the emergence of a new class of citizens who had influence in freedom and equality. The revolution brought many benefits to the individuals and put them in a state of free competition. However, each individual’s interests caused not only […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1407 Topics: Ethics, Happiness, Metaphysics, Utilitarianism

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics Within Fifa

 Corporate social responsibility is defined as “the obligation of an organization to serve the interests of multiple stakeholders, including society at large.”. It consists of daily decisions within a corporation, whether they be good or bad. Corporate social responsibility correlates with ethics. Ethics are frequently thought of as a moral compass, which can be looked […]

Pages: 3 Words: 954 Topics: Ethics, Social Issues, Social Responsibility, Sportsmanship

Hypocrisy in the Misanthrope

Introduction Many of Molière’s plays embody the style of comedy of manners, which pokes fun at the aristocracy. Despite Molière being born a part of the French aristocracy, and his audience being mainly aristocrats, he still decided to poke fun at the aristocracy. The Misanthrope In The Misanthrope, many of the aristocratic characters engage in […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1581 Topics: Ethics, Human Nature, Hypocrisy

Interracial Marriage in the United States

Interracial relationships were generally looked down upon up until the late 1900s when laws that banned interracial marriage were repealed. Loving v. Virginia was an important court case involving a white man and a mixed woman who fought against the laws in Virginia that criminalized interracial relationships. The court’s decision on this case ended up […]

Pages: 3 Words: 1019 Topics: Ethics, Human Rights, Race, Social Equality

Prosocial Behavior could Assist People in Dealing with Setbacks of Weight Control.

This research selected, involved studying the effects of various methods of controlling body weight with regard to people experiencing setbacks in their pursuit to lose weight and their effectiveness. The researchers divided a group of people who had attempted to reduce their weight in the previous year into three groups (Burnette & Finkel, 2012). Two […]

Pages: 3 Words: 945 Topics: Behavior, Ethics, Research, Social Psychology

Anna Barbauld and Mary Wollstonecraft: Literary Comparisons of Women Status and Education 

In the eighteenth century, the status of women was profoundly depicted in literature, by the literary works of Anna Barbauld and Mary Wollstonecraft. They created well-known works that attempted and succeeded to be understood by both men and women with understandings and viewpoints of what women endured inside society. The works that they created and […]

Pages: 3 Words: 1022 Topics: Culture, Ethics, Women's Rights

About Intersectionality 

Define the term. Intersectionality is a hypothetical system for understanding how perspectives of a person’s social and political characters might blend to form special modes of separation. Intersectionality distinguishes shameful acts that are felt by individuals due to a combination of variables. Who coined it? Kimberl© Crenshaw coined the term ‘intersectionality’ as a way to […]

Pages: 1 Words: 430 Topics: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Social Issues

Conflict Resolution under Domestic Violence

 Conflict is ubiquitous. That is a fact of life. It is not limited to your workplace or your home or in a public setting, rather it involves situations and even intangibles. Conflict can be defined as a mental struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, drives, wishes, or external or internal demands. Contemporarily speaking, our […]

Pages: 3 Words: 822 Topics: Conflict Resolution, Domestic Violence, Ethics, Gender Equality

Example of Conflict Resolution at Workplace

Definition Of Conflict At WorkPlace Workplace conflict is type os a battle, issue and misunderstanding which takes place at your workplace or workers and managers. Conflicts at workplace is a common problem. It occurs in a high amount at every workplace. We can also call them disagreement of thoughts and ideas, it is a type […]

Pages: 2 Words: 693 Topics: Conflict Resolution, Ethics, Leadership

Karl Marx’ Idea of Alienation

Karl Marx is well known for his blueprint philosophy when it comes to capitalism, but within that comes this major idea of alienation which is a huge factor in today’s society. Marx has major key components to alienation such as technology, self other and the product these things are major factors in alienation in capitalism. […]

Pages: 1 Words: 444 Topics: Capitalism, Economy, Ethics, Karl Marx

Michel Foucault’s Panopticism and Social Media

The book, Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault takes a stand about panopticon, which is a prison system that is aimed at having people being restricted on movement, as a way of imparting discipline. The Panopticon has the watchtower at the center, where people are observed on how they operate. The prisoners cannot move, neither […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1088 Topics: Communication, Ethics, Social Media, Social Psychology

Factors Affecting Social Mobility

In the book Outliers, Gladwell talks about what factors that are provided to be successful such as when and where one is born can influence the opportunities someone receives. People who have more advantages over others will experience a higher level of social mobility; others will continue to suffer due to inequality of income, bad […]

Pages: 2 Words: 551 Topics: Ethics, Inequality, Social Mobility

Effecting Caste System and Social Mobility

Abstract According to Rousseau, the only way for a human to live peacefully and secure their self-preservation is by uniting and forming a contract, thus, collectively living in a society. However, the concept of society has given birth to various systems like caste system, class, race, creed etc. In the turn of events, this conceptualization […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2237 Topics: Ethics, Human Nature, Ideology, Social Mobility, Social Status

Carl Jung’s Psychological View of Religion

According to Carl Gustav Jung, there’s a spiritual instinct in all people at large, an inherent strain towards a relationship with somebody or one thing that transcends human power. Jung’s conviction concerning the catholicity led him to look at religion as a manifestation of the collective unconscious. Each spiritual practice and non secular expertise found […]

Pages: 2 Words: 724 Topics: Carl Jung, Ethics, God, Science vs Religion, Theology

Story about Traveling Salesman: “The Metamorphosis” (Franz Kafka)

At its most superficial level, renowned author Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis is a story about a traveling salesman who, overnight, metamorphoses into a vermin; how he must continue on with life, and the effects his change has on his family. But, delving deeper, it is obvious that the author is commenting on the perilous inflated […]

Pages: 3 Words: 937 Topics: Ethics, Franz Kafka, Ideology, Metamorphosis, Satire

The Ethics of Life Expectancy

The most common and obvious moral problem is already existing in human life expend “unequal death”. The figures speak for themselves: in a number of African countries south of the Sahara, life expectancy is less than 40 years. In rich and developed countries the average lifespan is 70-80 years. This inequality causes because of strictly […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1344 Topics: Ethics, Human Nature, Life Expectancy, Meaning Of Life

Anti-aging and Increased Life Expectancy

In recent years, a new field in biotechnology has rose: anti-aging. By use of stem cells taken from an embryo, scientists hope to use these self-replicating, multi-purpose cells to repair any degeneration that may occur as humans age. With the Baby Boom generation beginning to reach their time, skincare companies and researchers alike are trying […]

Pages: 2 Words: 643 Topics: Ethics, Life Expectancy, Public Health

Effective Public Policy

Effective public policy carefully evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the policy design process by using various leadership theories as a framework. Additionally, policies indicate the individual role leadership plays in managing policy design, operation, implementation, and analysis within a governing body. It explores the role of the practitioner-scholar in the development of community issues, […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2118 Topics: Ethics, Leadership, Public Policy

Mark Antony and George W Bush

The Bush administration had many similarities and connections to leaders during the time of Julius Caesar. 2 people whose decisions stood out the most to me were Mark Antony and Former President George W. Bush. Mark Antony’s character really stood out while choosing between the others. Antony was a threat that hasn’t been recognized by […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1335 Topics: Ethics, George W. Bush, Julius Caesar

The Ethics of Militarizing Space

What does the future look like for the United States? Terrorist groups such as the Taliban, Hamas, and ISIL run rampant in the middle east, North Korea and Iran are developing nuclear weapons, and tensions rise between the western world and authoritarian states in China and Russia. The future of the United States is fairly […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1418 Topics: Diplomacy, Ethics, Government, Military, Space

Four Main Parenting Styles

Introduction In the world of psychology and sociology today, there are four main styles of parenting. These styles are as follows: authoritarian, permissive, neglectful or uninvolved and authoritative . Each of these styles has their own balance of parental support and control. Authoritarian parents show low amounts of support and high amounts of control. Parents […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1731 Topics: Childhood, Emotions, Ethics, Parenting Styles

The Play ‘Trifles’: Masculinity Problem

Many men often overlook small but important characteristics of their environment due to the excessive amount of masculinity that they possess. However, women are sometimes cognizant of the things that men overlook. Susan Glaspell, author of the play Trifles, wrote about Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Hale, who find the truth in a murder investigation managed […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1078 Topics: Ethics, Evidence, Fiction, Masculinity

Is Traditional Masculinity the Solution?

Many psychologists argue that traditional masculinity is an issue we face today. However, some argue it’s the cure we need. One author, David French, wrote “Grown Men are the Solution, not the Problem”, published 2019 in the National Review in rebuttal to the majority of claims made on the controversial issue of masculinity today by […]

Pages: 3 Words: 951 Topics: Ethics, Masculinity, Social Status

Inside Job Essay

A factor that caused the real estate bubble was when mortgages companies were given mortgages to finically unstable families. Inflation went up and there was more demand than supply. Also interest rates were very low as well. The bubble was creating profits for these CEOs, but it wasn’t real therefor flooding the financial system. Deregulation […]

Pages: 2 Words: 517 Topics: Ethics, Job Analysis, Money, Work

Should Death Penalty be Banned?

The death penalty has been a method used as far back as the Eighteenth century B.C. The use of the death penalty was for punishing people for committing relentless crimes. The severity of the punishment were much more inferior in comparison to modern day. These inferior punishments included boiling live bodies, burning at the stake, […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1338 Topics: Capital Punishment, Crime, Ethics, Morality, Prison

Essay ‘How have you Impacted your Community?’

Many people see it as a responsibility to help out the community. Others see it as a waste of time. I would love to make my community better. The first thing I think would be a good outcome to do in my community is have everyone in the community give me feedback on what they […]

Pages: 2 Words: 544 Topics: Ethics, Health Care, Personal Development, Social Psychology

Macbeth’s Character Change

While Macbeth is considered one of Shakespeare’s most dramatic characters, he’s not a hero but he isn’t a villain either. Macbeth had noble qualities as well as tragic flaws. Macbeth’s feelings and actions towards certain things change throughout the scenes after evil pursued Macbeth’s loyal and honest character. Macbeth’s character has a rising and falling […]

Pages: 3 Words: 1018 Topics: Ethics, Good And Evil, Human Nature, Macbeth, William Shakespeare

Obeying your Parents

Respect is a “feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities,qualities, or achievements. Respect involves obeying people, but certain people. Your parents for example, deserve great amounts of respect because they dedicated their lives and unbelievable amounts of love to you. Rules of showing respect are always to answer when you’re […]

Pages: 3 Words: 752 Topics: Ethics, Family, Human Nature, Morality, Respect
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