Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Corporate Policies
  2. The bonuses for the executives should be reduced so there will be more money available for full-time jobs and employee benefits.
  3. TechFite will create a mentor program for the youth of Dellberg.
  4. TechFite will start investing in environmentally friendly projects to improve Dellberg.

A1. Rationale

  1. The employees at TechFite are upset with the number of hours they are receiving and not being able to receive benefits. By reducing the bonuses given to the executives TechFite will be able to free up money to increase hours and pay for benefits. This will satisfy the   employees, and if the employees are happy and feel like their complaints are being heard then they will usually perform better and have a positive view of employer-employee relations.
  2. TechFite said that they would offer a youth leadership program for Dellberg. Creating a mentor program will help develop leadership and career skills for the youth of Dellberg. This will help TechFite build strong relationships with the youth, and possibly mold and expand their future pool of job candidates.
  3. TechFite made comments that they would invest in the infrastructure of Dellberg. TechFite will sponsor community events and environmentally friendly construction projects in which employees and executives of TechFite will volunteer. This will help TechFite make good on their promises, and also help them develop a strong and positive relationship with the community of Dellberg.

A2. Ethical Versus Legal Issues

 When you are dealing with a legal issue you have to ask the question is it legal or is it  illegal?. This is easily determined because we have written laws that outline what we  can and cannot do. Where legal issues are very black and white ethical issues are more of  a gray area, and harder to sort out. When you are dealing with ethical issues you have to  ask the question is it right or is it wrong?.  Ethical issues are harder to determine  because opinions of what is right and what is wrong vary from person to person based on  their own moral system. It is much easier to to hold someone accountable for a violation  of a legal issues because they have broken the law and and are subject to consequences,  such as fines or incarceration.

A3. Ethical Issues in the Scenario

 One of the ethical issues for TechFite is that they are not allowing their employees to  work full-time and receive benefits because they do not have the budget, but at the same  time are giving out high dollar bonuses to their top executives. This is an unfair and  unethical decision and may lead to hostility between employees and executives, or  possibly lead to employee resistance. Another ethical issue for TechFite is that they have  not made good on their promise to invest in and improve the community of Dellberg.  Dellberg has allowed TechFite to come into their community, but with the understanding  that it would be a mutually beneficial relationship. They thought they would bring in  youth development programs and increased funding for their infrastructure but TechFite  has yet to fulfill those promises. It would be extremely unethical for TechFite to take  advantage of Dellberg and not to mention it would make the community have a very dim  view of their company.

A4. Purpose of the Ethics Officer

 An Ethics Officer is responsible for examining all of the workings of a company to make  sure that everything the company is involved in is within a code of ethics. They are  responsible for implementing and controlling the ethics for a company. They are also  responsible for explaining all of the ethics policies and procedures to the company. Ethics  Officers are in charge of investigating any possible breaches of the ethics policies of the  company, and also enforcing punishment if a breach has been confirmed.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

 Corporate Social Responsibility is what a company does to take responsibility for the  impact their operations have on the environment and society.  By being involved in the  community and giving back companies can also build their brand. Increasing the hours  and benefits for employees, building youth programs, and investing in the infrastructure  will benefit TechFite by placing them in a positive light with their employees and the  members of the community. CSR will benefit the employees of TechFite by increasing  their work hours and eligibility for benefits, and will benefit Dellberg by offering the next  generation of Dellberg increased business knowledge. Dellberg will also benefit from the  new and improved infrastructure.  

B1.  Community Reputation

  1. One of the ways TechFite would be viewed as socially responsible is if they would adjust the budget of the company to offer full-time jobs with benefits. This would show that TechFite listens to the needs and concerns of their employees, and would help TechFite  establish itself as a great place to be employed.
  2. Another way TechFite can be viewed as socially responsible is if they would implement the youth leadership programs that they have discussed. By putting these leadership programs in place TechFite can show that they are invested in the youth of Dellberg and  want to contribute to their future. This could also benefit TechFite by allowing them to  establish relationships with the younger generation and train them on the duties of  TechFite jobs, and this could lead to TechFite generating basically an endless stream of  job candidates.
  3. TechFite can also be viewed as socially responsible if they would make good on their promise to invest in the infrastructure of Dellberg. Doing this would help TechFite stay in good standing with the leaders of the community. Staying in good standing with the  leaders of the community will help TechFite if ever they wanted to expand their company  and needed approval for the expansion.

B2. Course of Action

  1. TechFite will eliminate the big bonuses for their top executives. They will then take that extra money and place it back in the company budget. The new budget will allow TechFite to give full-time positions. The new budget will also allow TechFite to offer  employee benefits.
  2. TechFite will create a youth leadership program in Dellberg. They will allow employees to mentor youth. The TechFite employees will show them the skills that it takes to have a successful career and bright future.
  3. TechFite will begin to invest in Dellberg. They will sponsor community events. They will fund the rebuilding of the infrastructure of Dellberg.

B3. Course of Action: Explanation

  1. Eliminating the executive bonuses will be ethically responsible because it will show that TechFite is more concerned about the welfare of their employees and less about their profits. This would be socially responsible because it would keep the employees happy  and inspire them to perform better in their jobs. This will be environmentally responsible  because it will meet the economic expectations of bringing jobs, benefits, and increased  incomes.
  2. Creating the youth leadership program will be ethically responsible because they had made a promise to Dellberg that they would implement the program. This would be socially responsible because it would allow TechFite to educate the youth of Dellberg  and help them acquire leadership and business skills that can help them obtain future  employment. TechFite can use this opportunity to show environmental responsibility by  teaching the youth the necessary skills on how to run an eco-friendly company.
  3. TechFite made a verbal commitment to the Dellberg community that they would invest in their infrastructure. Making good on this promise will show that TechFite is ethically responsible. TechFite will be seen as being socially responsible because their funding of  infrastructure projects will show that they are concerned with community development.  This will also show that they are making Dellberg a better place to work and live. This  can be seen as being environmentally responsible because TechFite can help Dellberg to  rebuild their infrastructure using eco-friendly supplies and techniques.   
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