Ethical Issues

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Ethical issues in the article

The article with the most relevant example of George Zimmerman’s has raised the ethical vices by the White people, to either those citizens who originated from Africa or those who are American-Africans. It has pointed out the negative ethics directed to them. Also, humanity ethics are evident in the article where love is portrayed regardless of the condition. The Americans to start with undermines the existence of the black people and see them as primitive beings. To them, the American-Africans are supposed just to die. This shows the negative image that the Americans have for the half black Americans and the blacks in general, but they still stay together in the same state.

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“Ethical Issues”

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George Zimmerman, a subject in the article and known for inhuman nature as he murdered Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old boy due to his condition of having a disease and never submitted to the authority. Even after being sued, no action was taken against his awful act. It’s in this occurrence that we witness the intensity of victimization even from the authority that should safeguard human’s welfare, regardless of the race. This has moved to the point that even the black mothers fear that wherever they get a baby, it will be victimized by being seen as naturally aggressive, defiant and resistant to the authority. On the contrary, the black mothers are human, don’t take chances to develop hatred or be against themselves. The persona, for instance, took good care of the son regardless of his condition of being hated by the Americans and loved him at all times.

Relationship of George case with the article

George is a clear example of the inhuman nature of the Americans to the black Africans. He kills Trayvon Martins, and he is acquitted from the murder case, he is a threat to many Black Americans as they are frightened that a similar occurrence by George of Killing a clack boy may happen to them later or after they give birth to Males. Initially, she regrets having her son at 36, where he could have probably born a girl instead. George has also brought about the factor of racial discrimination up to the level of the legal arms. Consequently, Trayvon’ family did not get justice for the murder of their son but rather the case was thrown away. It also relates to the fact that George murdered the black boy because he did not submit to the imagined authority. Concerning that occurrence, the personas 5-year-old boy is diagnosed with three diseases, and this makes the situation hard to submit to the authorities

George is an enemy of the black people. He represents another majority who has perspectives that are similar to him we see a man who is inhuman, a man who creates fear to the black people and his continued existence frighten the life of many. He is a bad example of what the roles of the authority should not be. He is a police officer and being equipped to maintain peace and security, negatively uses the jurisdiction. He is used to as a discriminative being, a racist and a person should not be walking along with the rest of the public.

What ethics are?

Ethics are the moral codes or principles that influence the decisions of a person towards a certain ethical dilemma. The good individuals who in the society who opt to deviate from the rest societal inhuman moral codes are hence considered to be of good ethics. They, therefore, show care in service and respect each’s interests regardless of issues considered to be unacceptable by the others. In states like the America, the majority of the white Americans have negative conducts towards the black who still live in their state. However, there is a special group who in turn considers high standard morals are hence considered to ethically upright.

What ethics are not?

These are simply the ethics that does not value a sense of humanity. Ethics are considered as not when one executes a behavior that is unacceptable to the victim who is the recipient of the service. The best way to distinguish between ethics and non-ethics is when the action on the other individual leaves them embarrassed, and are either mentally or physically hurt. However, to some, some moral principles however negative are considered to be acceptable whereas they are a violation of human’s dignity.

Importance of ethics in human service

Ethics are core in human service because they help us in making the best choices of life. One would not hurt the other when they have taken into consideration, the impact of choice they are making. Ethics are also important because they help people respect one another as God equally creates us as humans (West, 2006).? People maintain highest levels of ethical behaviors so as not to hurt another, either physically or emotionally. If George, for instance, had considered of ethical matters, he would not have killed the black boy; he would have not the family of the diseased.

Almost every aspect of life would fail if ethics were not put into consideration. The world would have been even worse than it is today. In business, for instance, there would be no prosperity if there were no business ethics. Humans in their service to others should, therefore, learn to respect others with the aim of achieving a better flowing life without anyone being a threat to the other.

Application of ethics in human service

“We apply our code of ethical standards to the others through promoting of respect, confidentiality, negotiation and recognition of clients right,” Gail Semmoms. We should portray our high standard of ethics codes through most of all, respect. This gives the client a motive of wanting to be served by such a respectful person which keeps a long-lasting bond. (Arnett, 2012).? Also, by understanding their dignity, it leaves them to enjoy the quality of service you offer. In the article, for instance, the persona takes good care of the son regardless of victimization by the majority. She even hires a specialist to the keep him in the highest standards possible, as a normal human.

What are the ethical dilemmas?

In Ethical dilemmas, a choice has to be made in the place of two options and the one chosen has to be acceptable to the people. It is assumed that the chooser will opt to go on the side of the current society’s norm, believes and religion to make it the opted choice ethically impossible. For instance, in our article, George killed the boy since he had not reported to the authority. Here, one has to establish the best way in which he will handle a certain situation.

How are acts determined to be moral?

Paul and Minneapolis in their article bring into perspective that morals consist of three elements which are simplified as what we do, why we do that, and the concrete circumstance where we perform it. Some of the acts are usually wrong as they are against the basic human good and can never be compensated. Therefore, for one to be considered as ethically valued, they tend to have to have good intentions on the other for a good intention cannot do evil. A moral act should not be a threat to anyone’s life, or integrity and well-being.

Application of this article to human service

Ethics defines who we are, what we should do and what we should not. These core standards determine the quality of standards of living that we lead while we are amongst other people, may it be in our homes, in business and the society at large. One should, before engaging in a certain behavior evaluate the quality of acts that will determine their morals, whether they will be acceptable to the other individual or not (Bazerman & Gino, 2012). This mostly comes in where there is an ethical dilemma, and one has chosen the best way to handle a certain situation. The woman who is the main character in the story portrays the quality of service one should offer to other humans regardless of the situation. On the other hand, George is the best example of people that we should not have in our daily life situation.


Arnett, R. C. (2012).? Communication ethics in dark times: Hannah Arendt’s rhetoric of warning and hope. SIU Press. Bazerman, M. H., & Gino, F. (2012). Behavioral ethics: Toward a deeper understanding of moral judgment and dishonesty.? Annual Review of Law and Social Science,? 8, 85-104. West, T. C. (2006).? Disruptive Christian Ethics: When Racism and Women’s Lives Matter. Westminster John Knox Press.

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