Drama in Literature

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Dramas are usually performed in front of audiences and are often recorded and played on radios and televisions. In a drama, characters’ personality traits are easier to pick up on when the performance is in person. Dramas combine the characters’ dialogues and actions to present a live performance along with adding tones and attitudes to display the personality of the characters.

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Othello is a well-known play written by William Shakespeare. Othello begins in the town of Venice at night. Iago, an associate in the Venetian army, is bitter about being disregarded for a promotion in favor of the envied Cassio. Iago informs Roderigo that he abides by Othello’s rules only in order to serve himself. Iago is aware of that Desdemona, the daughter of noble Brabantio, has run off to marry Othello. He additionally is aware of the fact that Roderigo lusts after Desdemona, enabling Iago manipulates him into alerting Venice of the affair. This manipulation trait Iago processes has is continuously shown throughout the play. Iago’s duplicity arises in the first scene. Learning that his daughter’s “ran away,” Brabantio panics and demands for people to look for her at once. Iago joins Othello and informs him of Roderigo’s betrayal to the news of his marriage to Brabantio. Cassio comes eventually, as do Roderigo and Brabantio; Brabantio is extremely angry, swearing to the boys assembled that Othello must have enchanted his girl (Shakespeare Act 1-2 lines 63-81.) Brabantio’s is denied grievance, and Desdemona will indeed stick with Othello (Shakespeare Act 1-3 lines 175-180.) However, Othello must go to Cyprus to defend it from the Turks (Shakespeare Act 1-3 lines 275-283.) Iago decides to interrupt up the couple, using Roderigo. Iago assures upset Roderigo that the marriage between Othello and Desdemona will not last long, and Desdemona could come rushing to him. (Shakespeare Act 1-3 line 338-364.) Iago decides to break up the couple, using Roderigo as his pawn. Iago is constantly being defined by his bad actions in the play. His consistent mischief continuously creates conflicts for the surrounding characters.

The Doll House is a drama that tells of a wife and her husband in the 1700s. Nora struggles with Krogstad, who threatens to tell her husband about her past crime and incites Nora’s course of self-worth and provides a lot of the play’s dramatic suspense. Nora’s primary struggle is the selfish attitudes and mannerisms of Torvald and the society that he represents. Nora’s first conversation with Mrs.Linde, Krogstad’s visit and blackmailing of Nora, and Krogstad’s delivery of the letter reveals Nora owes him quite a bit of money expresses the load her husband puts on her (Ibsen Acts 1-2 lines 243-580.) Torvald reads Krogstad’s letter and erupts angrily (ibsen Act 3-2 lines 453-490.) Nora’s realizes that Torvald is devoted not to her but to the feeling of someone being there for him. She decides to abandon him to find independence.

In Sophocles’s Oedipus the King, Oedipus begins by pardoning a murderer for his murder and safely grants him exile out of the country (Sophocles Act 1-1 lines 159-180.) After announcing to the citizens to speak if they know anything, Oedipus summons Teiresias to ask her if she knows anything about the murder. Teiresias refuses to give him any information and he gets furious (Sophocles Act 1-2 lines 380-400.) This is where tension builds and the knowledge of the murder is announced, but not known. After Oedipus’s accusations, Creon claims he has no interest in being kings. Oedipus visits an oracle because of the prophecy told to him by a drunken man. The Oracle states that Oedipus is bound to kill his father and marry his mother (Sophocles Act 2-2 lones 707-1307.) The Chorus and Jocasta beg Oedipus to forgive Creon (Sophocles Acts 2-2 lines 1267-1310.) The truth is revealed with drama that Laius whom he killed was actually his father and his mother ended up being his wife. Jocasta hangs herself and in sadness Oedipus blinds himself. This story is another demonstration that dramas involve the audience with realistic conflicts where drama is involved. (Sophocles Acts 1-3.)

With younger students, especially reluctant students the goal for a lesson should revolve around enjoyment. Students should be able to have fun while learning in their classes. Stories that involve and incite the audience connect the students in a constructive learning manner. Drama can be something that students are reluctant to “enjoy and appreciate” but it can be done by mastering and learning to enjoy the basics first.

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