Domestic Surveillance

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Today, I find that many citizens have been sacrificing their privacy in order to make their making these significant sacrifices have made an impact on our idea of privacy, in reality have such a larger consequence later on. In this paper I will discuss the ethical problems surrounding domestic surveillance and its possessions towards the world. There are several ethical ways to discuss the effects and impacts of domestic surveillance to the public. Domestic surveillance was influenced interior and exterior that are happening. Our government have been more active when it comes for using these compensations but the community remains adamant.
Public feels that government can do more other than promoting domestic surveillance.

The ethical theories like Unitarianism, deontology, and other theories to investigate these destructive problems. In this paper, we will focus on how ethical theories can be applied to rectify this danger. The government have deprived of any misconduct they have done, there are several issues and facts that made the activity unlawful and unrepentant. US government for many years has been doing this for long without relevant authorities' agreement. To make the matter even worse there are so many people that were affected by these activities. There is certain government affair that cannot be exposed to the public to prevent from jeopardizing any public security, but in the other hand the law pledges to individual freedom and right to privacy.

I find that political, economic, and religious factors are also factors that have taken role in these problems. Political and economic interest regulate the motive is to control the motive for domestic surveillance in numerous cases. For example, the outgoing issues on Russian government to free Ukaraine domestic surveillance on pro-American citizens is ought to be high(M,2011).

This distrust has encouraged unauthorized surveillance on both sides since troubled parties cannot trust each other as before. Regional politics have also contributed to Domestic surveillance. Today leaders are feeling insecure with their counterparts' activities. US have been blamed for surveying Russian business community due ongoing cold war and civil war in Ukraine. In today's' worlds' political environment, no one trusts the other. Mistrust have blamed for many-failed regional or inter-country agreement (Ross & Ross, 2012). Barrack Obama policies to embrace surveillance comes with no shock because war and tussle for raw materials have also elicited domestic surveillance. Recent Snowden's outburst about government surveillance activities have raise questions about its morals, ethics and intention to undertake such action without congress and senate nod. It has completely kept them in darkness about the issue (Ross & Ross, 2012). Economically domestic surveillance affects the nature business people make contacts. If the government breaking into people phones? why not survey their financial accounts. This subject is making the business community feel insure because this information may land on wrong people hands and then eventually hurt their businesses. Religion in US determines how you will be treated although it is a not written law. It is proven that persons from Muslim background especially who have travelled to war torn countries like Somali, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq or any other Muslim war torn nation are victims of victims of domestic surveillance(Lucas, 2004).. Most of Muslim funded organizations still are not left out. Most of organization has been forced to cut down foreign funding because the government fears that terrorist money and activities may find their way in (Lucas, 2004). The government is monitoring and even sometimes interfering with their mosques without valid reason.

According to three approaches of morality, they all differ when it comes to issue domestic surveillance. Politicians and some citizens feel it is okay for government to do that if it does it to protect them that believe it does not matter in lengths their government goes to pin down criminals. They have taken consequentiality approach to because they feel that ethics and laws have to be broken when necessary. Government agencies dealing with security have demanded that the information should be shared amongst them to curb criminal activities (Smart, & Williams, 1973). According to them they does not there is no wrongdoing is NSA actions if the information will help them to curb insecurity problems within US borders. Consequentiality always believes that lying wrong and there are negative consequences for that but at times lying to them is unavoidable. In this case US government lying to its people is unavoidable because legally it must seek court order to allow them investigate someone contacts. According to the government, the suspected individual can come up with counter activities to avoid investigators scrutiny (Smart, & Williams, 1973). The government is using this reason as scapegoat to continue harassing innocent people. Domestic surveying to them is necessary evil because at times it will difficult to secure permission from the court. Proponents of consequentiality approach supports governments' paranoiac moves to continue harassing innocent people because they feel that government will be still accused if terrorists strike again. In a tricky situation like this, government has to play its cards right to avoidable inhuman situations. Consequentialism believes that the end will justify the means. They will not be surprised on what the book will say to maintain security. This is the path US government have chose to follow so they can guarantee citizen security.

Deontologists on other hand completely on view they not accept NSA domestic surveillance activities because they breech constitutional spirit for privacy. It is morally unacceptable for government to continue messing with its citizens private affairs without clear constitutional mandate to so (Hooker, 2012). Criminal minded NSA officers can use the program to promote rogue government activities like eavesdropping world leaders' conversations. Deontologists argue it is very wrong for the NSA to do that regardless of the benefits it will accrue from activities. According to deontologist approach morality it is the key pillar for effective society, so killing the spirit will illicit bad reputation for NSA activities. NSA should adhere to rules and laws, which clearly draw their boundaries of their mandate (Hooker, 2012). Officers violating these laws regardless of reason why they did this they should be accountable for their actions because they messing up social integration efforts achieved so far. There should be trust between government agencies and the public to build confidence on institutions established to better human life. Evil people should never be allowed to go unpunished because they deserve it. Their motive is questionable because there are other agencies mandated to perform the same activities. CIA and FBI are constitutionally given mandate to investigate criminal activities both within and outside the borders. Snowdens' revelation comes as shock because NSA had no permission to carry out such activity. In some countries like German and France, embrace selective domestic surveillance on Muslims and converts. These governments have been accused for discriminating Muslim immigrants by detaining them without proper investigation. Muslim living in Europe, US and other non-Muslim nations has been accused wrongly for causing insecurity mayhem. Deontologist's enthusiasts have accused government for selectively intimidating them, because as per law they deserve equal treatment and protection from the government (Ross, 1998).

In many cases politics and religion affects domestic surveillance reforms because the public is not sure who will be the victim. After September 11 attacks, US congress passed a law, which controversially was meant to stop terrorism activities. Instead of promoting social coexistence, years after its enactment persons from Muslim religious faith end to the victims (M, 2011). . US being longtime defenders of human rights in the world, off late they have turned out to be the victims. Its citizens now are suffering on their hands without anyone's' help.

Morally its unacceptable for US government admits that they are surveying innocent citizens (Ross, 1998). The government needs to come out clean and explain its intentions to the public. Instead of solely fighting terrorism, it should also involve every stakeholder to avoid victimization of minority groups living in US and other parts of world. Security issue should be a collectively solved to avoid victimization of innocent citizens. If the government works together with every citizen, everyone will feel that he/she has responsibility to keep and maintain peace. Victimization certain race of people or religion in society is disservice to founding father of US. Terrorism fears should be dealt with caution, in order to protect innocent people who can be caught up between the fuse and then he/she ends up jail for no reason (M, 2011). Eavesdropping on people's private information relatively can affect telecommunication economies because their customers will not feel their security and confidentiality is not guaranteed any more.US government is morally wrong because it has failed to respect dignity by devaluing them. The government has caught in between in definition of freedom and security. Its fails to understand once freedom has been curtailed, it will be almost impossible for it achieve its security related goals (Ross, 1998). American should understand that, there is no America without its people. It should come up with mutual related laws and policies to guarantee their citizens security, privacy, and freedom they deserve. The government it has been shifting from one inequality to another. They have forgotten Benjamin Franklin words that, those who sacrifice their liberty for security deserve neither. In this case, the government has gone against these words by advocating selfish this approach to curtail their citizens' freedom and security. If the government needs to spy on someone's phones or mails, it must do it according to the law. The law gives guidelines on should be or not done during spying moments.

Without court permission, rogue people can use the opportunity to punish their political, religious, or business partners. The president in power must remember that he swore to protect his/her people rights. The president has no option rather than to protect innocent citizens from these unfriendly laws. All concerned parties should act in ethical manner to free innocent people and punish criminals according to the law. In addition, the president should be reminded that no citizen is above the law and constitution its supreme defender of citizens' freedom. US legal practitioners still should rise to the occasion and inform people about gross violation that have been done to them.
All these theories can be if efficient put to the wok. Social co-existence will come alive in US and other countries carrying out this practice. Sober minds are needed to examine all these laws to restructure these agencies to avoid conflict in future. Even though these laws their damage is not visible, slowly some people have started to feel the heat. Countries like Brazil have started to build their own communication network to avoid US and other nations from spying them. This problem is going global so it needs conscious minds to come together to come up with dignity-respecting policies to curb this growing menace. Ethics and morals must be core principles for every government to promote good governance and trust from its people.

Defining morals and ethics will be always a difficult question to answer. Different nations defines morals and ethics in a politically, economic and religious correct manner. Selfish leaders compromise them to win more support from their supporters. Most of US citizens were not concerned when domestic surveillance laws come to use because they felt they could be a victim. It was due their selfish thinking that, they did not the evil motive behind the law. It is after Snowdens' leaks they realized how the law was dangerous, disastrous within US, and outside. Domestic surveillance even in the next decade will remain one of growing modern criminal activities perpetrated by the governments today regardless of the reason behind it.

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