Desiree’s Baby (feminism, Racism)

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Living in an era where women have a much better situation and privileges; understanding the story Desiree’s Baby was a different experience. The story by Kate Chopin is about a young woman adopted in her early life and was married to a man who was the owner of the plantation (Chopin). The storyline is tragic because it shows the struggles of Desiree of first being adopted child and then marrying a man who is older than her and is a widower. The innocence and beauty of this young girl attracted the man. The paper aims to analyze the story of Desiree’s Baby in terms of relationships, underlying meaning and the use of figurative language and imagery.

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“Desiree’s Baby (feminism, Racism)”

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The story has started with a different set of relationship in a setting where she had an unusual childhood and different married life than an average individual. Being adopted resulted in a lack of sense of belonging to the family and getting married to a person who has biased behavior against black people (Chopin). He has been taught that white is a superior and right color. During his childhood, he was told that black is a top of the hierarchy and acceptable. The difference between white and black was evident from start to end because Desiree girl “grew to be beautiful and gentle” (Chopin) and when he confronted her, then the use of figurative language such as my skin is fair showing the wrist or the color of her hair. Another example of this situation is “as white as La Blanche’s” (Chopin) which has enhanced the story and the underlying meaning in that confrontation.

The story has also used symbols and similes to compare such as an avalanche, or like a prairie fire where she is using to describe the situation in an efficient manner. The story has a clear focus, and several symbols are used to explain the story. The similes and metaphors are used to refer to the things that people understand the context and underlying meaning. Another example was the symbols and phrases used to explain the view of the ground and explain the trees adjectives thick-leaved, far-reaching branches it is the symbol of how humongous those trees are.

The scene of the mother-child, as well as the reaction of the husband Armand about the race and particular to a different color, was harsh. When he inquired the color for the identity, and her response was symbolically fearful, “she rose and tottered towards him. “Armand,” she panted once more, clutching his arm, look at our child” (Chopin) and cried despairingly. This shows that how powerless she was in that situation and the underlying racism appearing from this scene and from the whole story. One of the possible themes from this story is racism phenomena. The concept of having white skin and it is a sign of superiority has emerged as the primary theme for this story. The story has been developed using the great symbols and references that one has to read between the lines to get the proper meaning. Anger, disgrace and hatred of Armand towards Desiree is a clear representation of the racist theme. In conclusion, the analysis of the story has explored the complexity of relations and changing dynamic of relationships based on race and how the author has used different imagery and symbols to enhance the visual sense of the story.

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