Defining LGBT Words for Children

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LGBTQ is a society encompassing lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and queers as outlined by Youth Definitions. Lesbians are people who love others of the same gender in a sexual way that is, two women (Youth Definitions 2018). Gays, on the other hand, refer to people who are attracted to people of the same gender, and is commonly used to refer to two men. According to Youth Definitions (2018), bisexuals are attracted to people of two genders while transgender is a category consists of people with a gender identity different from what the doctor or nurse assigned to them at birth. Queer is used rather as an umbrella to celebrate all the different ways people love each other, than a word referring to a specific group of gender identity.

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“Defining LGBT Words for Children”

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LGBTQ and Controversy

LGBTQ has developed over the years to become a community. According to Hirshman (2012), the transformation has not only been about formation of the identities and acronyms, but also the way that the modern society has reacted to such gender identities. However, controversies exist within LGBTQ in three different ways; the root cause of LGBTQ; is it early experiences at tender age or inborn, acceptance within the community itself whereby gays and lesbians feel transgender and bisexual should not be part of the group, acceptance by the rest of the cisgender cohort, and what exactly should define such a community; is it gender identity or sexual orientation?

The root cause of an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity has been a topic raising different views and opinions across the globe. Some people believe that an individual may end up in a particular identity due to their personal life experiences between the age of 3 and 5: for instance, a boy born among girls, whose social life has been with girls and women during their early years may develop certain traits that relate to females, and vice versa. In extreme cases, the person ends up gay. Other people believe that belonging to either gay or lesbian cohorts is a personal choice and is not inborn as some people purport.

Widespread controversy also exists regarding whether the transgender and bisexual cohorts should belong under the same umbrella as lesbians and gays. Lesbian and gay separatism holds that their identity is primarily based on sexual orientation rather than gender identity, which is quite different from transgender. On the other hand, bisexualism is regarded by separatists as a group of either gay or lesbians who are scared of coming out, hence, should not belong to their community. Also, there exists lesbian separatism and gay separatism whereby each individual group believes their plights are different and that their interests might not be fought for honestly by other groups under LGBT (Currans, 2016).

LGBTQ community has had its fair share of troubles and challenges regarding acceptance, equal treatment, and judgement by cisgender. Cisgender cohort hold different opinions about LGBTQ, which brings about controversy around the topic. As much as gayism has been legalized in some parts of the world, with the United States being a leader, most parts of the globe have not come to terms with the issue: infact, the Muslim community is strongly against the practice of homosexuality and has tagged a penance to the act. Most Christians have agreed that being transgender is against the Christianity doctrine which states that all human beings were created in the image of God and according to the Bible, after God created everything, he looked at it and said it was good, hence, being trans is against the will of God. Different cultures also hold different opinions with majority stating that LGBTQ is a curse, especially in African societies where the act can be punished by excommunication, and even death in extreme cases. Torture of the LGBTQ community has affected their lifestyles as evidenced by Goldsmith (1998). However, the LGBTQ community hold different sentiments; they believe they were created and born to be whatever identities they are.

Relevance to Human Development

The modern society is rapidly adjusting to various trends in lifestyles, technology, and social life. For many decades, human beings across the globe have been championing for human rights, equality, fairness, and peace. The plight has however only been channeled on racial, economic status, culture, origin, physical appearance, education, and gender lines. However, it has become sensible that human beings would be tolerating double standards if fairness and equality is only based on the above mentioned attributes and strictly limited to sexual orientation. Since many global parts have chosen to discuss the issue and some making great steps in accepting LGBTQ as part of them, the move is a good sign of human development in terms of social living, and fairness.


LGBTQ is part of the global society and should be treated as so. Everyone around the world should be treated fairly and equally regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Therefore, countries all over the world should legalize gayism, and Trans’ asexuality; by doing so, the fight for equal rights for all human beings will be honest as opposed to what it is currently happening.


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Youth Definitions. Retrieved on January 14, 2018 from 

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