Conflict Management Style: Collaborating

Collaborating Management style is when people contribute equally to the goal (Quain, 2018). Two or more people, or groups of people who want something different generate a conflict (Quain, 2018). Then you must determine to what extent each side is willing to compromise (Quain, 2018). This will help in finding a happy medium between the two sides (Quain, 2018).

The main part of collaboration conflict management focuses on finding a compromise that will make all the parties involved feel as if they got what they wanted, even if it isn’t exactly what they wanted (Quain, 2018).

To achieve this type of conflict resolution style there is a need for a mediator to listen to the needs, concerns, and fears of both sides (Quain, 2018). The approach used should be mild and shouldn’t be confrontational as the goal is to make all of people involved to feel comfortable when they express their points of view, needs etc…

One of the main advantages of using the collaborating conflict management style is that it makes all of the people involved in the conflict feel valued, heard and understood (Quain, 2018).

Many conflicts happen when people are not listening to one another. When both sides actually listen to one another this allows for the hostility to be decreased, and allows for each side to express themselves (Quain, 2018). By actually listening to each other this stops the miscommunication and misunderstanding that typically happens during conflicts.

Another advantage of this style is that when everyone is able to express their concerns it allows understanding, empathy, and respect (Collaborating Style, 2018). This can set the tone for future conflict resolution as well and how they will be resolved. If someone knows that you respect them and how they feel, they will more likely respect you, your thoughts and feelings.

This style of conflict resolution can also be referred to as a win/win strategy (Collaborating Style, 2018). This style strives to make sure that both sides are satisfied. With doing that it requires an open discussion between the two parties of the issues.

With the collaborating style both sides are focused on finding a solution, which will satisfy both of the parties involved. The collaborating style is a way to help get insights and perspectives from the other side and the result can be something that both sides agree upon (Collaborating Style, 2018).

Collaboration style conflict management allows for coworkers to come to an agreement where they both come to an agreement giving up some of what they what but get to come to a middle ground that is agreed upon by both people involved.

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