Classification and Division of Beam and Arch Bridge

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There are three basic types of bridges, two of them are the arch and beam bridge. Of the first type the form of the load-bearing structure or its actual shape is convex. The load of an arch bridge is carried outward along the curve of the arch to the abutments at each ends. These abutments or supports carry the load and keeps the ends of the bridge from spreading out. Arch bridges can be divided into two major types, the old and the modern arch bridges. Under the first types are the Corbel arch bridges and the Aqueducts, both are designed that each succeeding layer over the other. The materials used for the first type are simple masses of stone bricks which made it last until the present times. Of the second type more complex procedures, calculations, and equipments are used to build these steel bridges. Under the second type are the Deck arch bridges, through arch bridges and Tied arch bridges. All of these are used to bridge large gap with their strong and beautiful structures which makes it not only a way of transportation but also a piece of attraction among large cities. On the other hand, Beam bridges have the form of the load-bearing structure or its actual shape is simply flat. The load of a beam bridge is basically supported by its piers or foundations. The beam bridge is horizontally self supporting. It exerts mainly vertical downward force on its foundations. There are two main types of beam bridges namely the simple span beam bridge and the cantilevers. The simple span beam bridge is found in practice to provide the most economical form of bridge, it is simply defined as a bridge supported at its ends. The cantilever provides a means to make beam bridges of considerably greater spans; it is also called the girder bridge. These beam bridges are basically made up of steels and concretes.

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“Classification and Division of Beam and Arch Bridge”

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