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Memory and Forgetting Assignment Part 1: Memory Techniques 1. The two memory techniques that I would incorporate into my studying routine would be to take notes and visualize as you read. By taking notes I can write down important information & summarize whenever feasible instead of just writing everything you see which unfortunately most students do when taking notes. Also, by visualizing myself as if I’m in the text I’m reading it allows you to picture what’s going for example if you had an exam on the civil war coming up soon visualizing yourself on the battlefield would challenge your thinking process and make you ponder what triggered the war in the first place. 2. The sensory encoding process of our memory is the first the step of creating memories by processing what we're reading, listening and visualizing. The storage process comes next after our brain is finishing processing information then sends the info into one of the three units which are the sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory.

The retrieval process retrieves the memory from storage units we store them in. While taking an exam to say if we were to study an hour before taking an exam our brain would first taking mental notes then send it to the storage then retrieve the information. 3. Relying on overlearning could improve my study habits by changing the hard-headed mindset that I have the material down perfectly which in reality it never hurts to study more even if you believe if you have the material down. Another technique to incorporate to my studying habits would be to study under similar conditions as you would be in while taking an exam.

Part 2: Short Term Memory and Forgetting 1. The short-term memory test of letters my results weren’t the best because the amount of letters gradually increase after each trail. During the picture test I felt that it was more stressful cause I only got 4 out of 20 correct. There were to many pictures for me to remember. I felt that the letter test was less stressful for me even though I didn’t get the best score. 2. I forgot some of the letters and pictures in the activities because I was overloading my brain with information instead of focusing on each picture and letter, so my brain could better process the information to memorize it. We tend to forget information we study during an exam because we didn’t invest our time into properly studying the material. We forget material we learn right after a class ends is because we're not paying attention in class or our focus isn’t entirely on the material. 3. The way I move information from short-term memory to my long-term memory is by constantly focusing on the topic I’m studying. By constantly revisiting the topic I’m studying its training my brain to place the info from my short-term memory to my long term.

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