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During this time Filipinos were starting to challenge Mexican immigrant workers. The challenge is also known as, the Wildcats. The Wildcats with an organizational strike dedicated too challenging the Mexican immigrant workers. However, many Mexican immigrant workers try to demand the Filipinos for any possible chance of receiving a higher wage increase, but the Filipinos denied the request for pay increase. Although Mexican immigrant workers felt like they were not getting anywhere as far as work send a pay raise their voices were not going unheard. Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta are activities for immigrant farmworkers. Chavez and Huerta created an organization known as the United farm workers Association. The United farm Workers Association was created to help immigrant workers received better treatment, education, a pay raise and better with work conditions. Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez believed in introgration not segregation and equality amongst everyone.

The Civil Rights era was the time of segregation and racism just like the racialization process. Many African Americans had to fight for what they believed in. During the 1950’s through the 1960’s African Americans dealt with being sent to the back of the bus in order to ride, not being able to share the sink water fountain as Caucasian people, two even having different educational schools because they were an allowed to attend the same school as caucasian children. The civil rights movement shinned a lot of attention on immigrant rights. In the article civil rights movement affect a US immigration the authors states that immigration laws in the 1960s were affected a lot by immigration, culture, and racism. The civil rights movement help immigrants understand the discrimination that was amongst them in the work fields.

During the 1970’ to the early 2000’s many immigrant workers were fighting for citizenship and the right to vote. Democratic and Republican parties were fighting to gain control of the house of representatives and to win presidency in the United States. For a decade at at a time many immigrants who migrated the the United States were determined to get residency and citizenship in the United States. Citizenship was in high demand and Mexican, nigerian, Salvadorian, and other central American people were trying to get citizenship. In 2008 the year of elections when the ballots scores were postee their waas over 9,1 million people that have . However, the 2008 elections showed that one third of those votes were Mexicans or Hispanics. The 2008 election showed that many people who doubted immigrants were proven to be wrong, because many Hispanics were given the opportunity to vote. The third force also displayed how Latinos were starting to defeat many caucasian people during the electoral votes. Latino political power was rising in The House of Representatives Gonzalez gave his readers an isight on how Lation voter growth was developing.. 

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