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Business Inteligence Question 01. About Organization: In Switzerland UPC Cablecom is one of the largest cable television operators. Cablecom was Founded 1994 by merging smaller companies. However it was remained UPC Broadband division of Liberty Global Europe’s since the early 2006. UPC Cablecom gives features such as broadband web, and advanced (VoIP) telephony administrations to 2.6 million administration clients as of December 31, 2014. UPC Cablecom clients are placed in 24 of the 26 part states of Switzerland, including the significant urban areas of Bern, ZA¼rich, Lausanne, and Geneva. It’s across the nation system is moved up to two-path ability, with every last bit of its link homes passed was served by a system with a transfer speed of no less than 860 MHz. Furthermore, UPC Cablecom offers a scope of feature, voice, broadband web, and information administrations to business clients. These clients incorporate little and medium size organizations, huge enterprises, and wholesale accomplices all through Switzerland By utilizing the SPSS Predictive Analytics Solution, Cablecom has the capacity instantly distinguish clients at danger of agitate, upgrade its client contact procedure, diminish client procurement expenses and enhance its general consumer loyalty BI effort: Cablecom is the best example to show how an organization in worldwide industries should unleash the power of predictive analysis. Cablecom not only acquire, grow and retain valuable customers with this predictive analysis but also used to detect fraud and reduce risk within the organization. Cablecom uses the BI effort in Predictive Analysis and understand customers’ behaviour. BI capabilities: BI capabilities are Organizational memories, information integration, Insight creation, Presentation. Organizational memories: This capability represents an organization’s accumulated history, including data, information. This helps to gather all the needed data for process further. Information integration: Information Integration capability helps to address problems occur when manually integrated information. It helps to address these problems by producing synthesized content about the past and present. Insight creation: From the first two BI capabilities organization can accumulate the integrated data, and knowledge that constitute the row materials needed for insight and decision making. Insight creation capability focuses on utilization of these raw materials to produce valuable new insight and enable effective decision making based on continual rather than periodic analysis. Presentation capability: Presentation capability is the connection area between the proposed BI solution and the user who use it. Its motivation is on presenting the right information in a productive way. Overall goal is to deliver the result of insight creation capability to the users, such that the users can make their best possible use in terms of learning as well as decision making. By using this capability Cablecom can understand its customers’ needs and it can make decision to accumulate more customers. Question 02. Components in active enterprise intelligence: Active Load: Active load ensures the accuracy of the data by updates data in new real time throughout the day and ensuring information is available for specific decision making. Example: As per the demo in Teradata website, when there is a delay, they understands the loyal customers and tries to give best customer service to them. For this they needed to know who are the loyalty customers flying today. For that they need new real time data. Active access: Enterprise information can be accessed anytime, so u can answer virtually any question on any subject, any time. Example: As per the demo in Teradata website, Information about Loyalty customer, information about inventory, customer seat reservation patters, luggage details and many more details are accessed through active access process. As per the demo, all the different subject details have been answered by one system. Active events: Detects the key events and alert the user to analyse them and take appropriate action. Example: As per the demo in TeraData website, when Maria input the details of her journey, the database system analyse all the previous journey details and giving her a better option of a Flight + Hotel offer. Active workload management Let you to easily manage this dynamic work loaded environment from touch point to back office. Example: As per the demo in Teradata website, when there is a sort in plain part, they simply went through the system and understood that the part was not available in London. So they checked again and found in which store the part is available, as well as the prices of it. And all these information was taken from few clicks. Active availability Business critical 7/24 system availability. Example: As per the demo in TeraData website, when there is a need of plane part, they immediately accessed the system and understand that they don’t have that specific part. So they check again and found the nearest store which hold that part. This was possible when the system is available 24/7. Active enterprise integration Enable the data warehouse to fit into your existing architecture. Example: Since the system matches organization’s actual system all the required info was gathered quickly. Question 03. Development environment should be setup with new document containing some sample emails. Then resources should be loaded to do text (Name) recognition environment and makes an application to run these segments on the report in grouping. With the segmented emails, result can be seen by one of several viewers for annotations. The Gates components are good start but it should be altered with people from System’s personnel database. There should be a tool to be created, to create a directory structure on disk that has some Java stub code, and an XML configuration file. Then compile the stubs and create a JAR file containing the new resources. Load URL of these files to the system, and the system then allows to load them in the same way that was loaded the built-in resources earlier on. A second copy of the email document should be created and saved on an Oracle Data store. Run the prepared application on the email test corpus. Then check the performance of the system to compare manual results with the system’s results. Then Do necessary changes and Re-initialise the resources. Repeat the above process until gets the accurate result. ANNIE gazetteer should be replaced to regenerates itself from the local personnel data. Then alters the pattern grammar in the semantic tagger to prioritise recognition of names from that source. This application is written in Java, so embedding is very easy: the two GATE JAR files are added to the project CLASSPATH, the new components are placed on a web server, and with a little code to do initialisation, loading of components and so on. This process will helps to automatically identify the names of people in a corporate intranet and transform them into hyperlinks to be used in a general mailer via e-mail with the help of GATE. Reference: Anon, (2015). [online] Available at: [Accessed 3, Apr. 2015].

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