Buddha Teaching about Greed and Hatred

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According to Buddhist greed and hatred are referred to as poisons or fires (Harvey, P. 2012).? . The metaphors used to describe these two vices suggest how they are dangerous and also afflictive. Greed can described as being selfish, having misplaced desires and satisfying outward needs. On the other hand anger can be referred to as aversion and repulsion towards wrong views concerning reality. As a result of failing to control hatred and greed, actions which might cause suffering or unhappiness among the people. Generally in this paper, I will discuss the teachings concerning hatred and greed as per Buddhism teachings. Sankrit dvesa is used in Buddhism to mean hatred. In most situation hatred results from ignorance as people does not connection between various issues apart from the experiences they have. Dvesha is usually represented by a snake. Due to the fact that human beings see themselves as different from everything which is judged to be desirable (Epstein, M. 2013). Such issues make people to fell averted and always seek to avoid them. An individual may become angry when one interrupts anything which one wants to be done. Jealousy is also developed particularly when other individual have things which we do not have. Hatred I is also developed when something frightens us or seem to poses a danger to us. The symptoms of hated can be demonstrated through hostility, dislike or either wishing harm to another person. Human beings in most case usually avoid feeling and circumstance which most people do not like. At many times human beings want everything to be comfortable and satisfactory at all times. This behavior acts as reinforcement towards one perception about duality and separation. Lobha is actually represented as a wheel of life by a cock. The word lobha is actually found in sankrit and Pali, but in most cases used raga instead of lobha to mean the same thing. (Williams, P., Tribe, A., & Wynne, A. 2012). Greed can actually take different forms like acquiring property in order to raise one's status quo. In most case individuals like to wear the most fashioned clothes so that they can be liked and admired, this will be expression of lobha. In general hatred and greed are usually linked to how personalities are conditioned. Human being is controlled by these two vices and they can be regarded to as roots which are buried deeply into individual's mind. Understanding how to control greed and hatred may empower an individual and also choice about how to deal with these factors. According to Noble teaching about four truths, when an individual embraces and also understands exactly what causes dissatisfaction and suffering necessary action can be undertaken to extinguish such causes from ourselves. Greed is a burning need, craving and unsatisfied thirst. Human beings always require objects which can give a long lasting satisfaction. When the desires and needs have been satisfied, an individual feels self-worth and complete. This vice of greed basically creates internal hunger as this may be seen to strive towards undertaking which may be seen as unattainable. Happiness will depend whether an individual has attained a particular goal. Greed raises when one looks himself towards achieving the next planned goal, satisfaction is thought to be achieved successfully. Human beings are never satisfied fully due to greed. This is mostly manifested by lack of compassion and also generosity towards other people. Even honesty and introspection can actually reveal how greed can be deeply rooted in one's heart. Symptoms o greed can be experienced mostly in trivial instances which can be destructive and compulsive. Human beings desire to get more and more or usually want to fulfill the inner thirst. This is regarded as greed for wanting more and it affects one's personal life, politics and also the domain crated by international business. The conflicts which is experienced globally is as result of symptoms political greed. Greed in human beings affects individuals on either at personal or at global level. People's greed is actually endless and pernicious which seems to bring suffering and also unhappiness when it is kept awake. To overcome greed, selflessness and generosity should be practiced. If greed is experienced by individuals, contemplation of the impermanence can be applied. Giving away can actually be practiced through giving way items which we do not actually require. Also the acts of selfless service and also charity can be practiced as this will make the other people to feel recognized. There is no doubt to enjoy sharing beauty and pleasures of this world which is treated as material. The problems which are associated with greed are actually arise when individuals mistakenly believe and also act as if happiness is extrinsic factor. Hatred can be manifested through symptoms of anger, dislike, hostility or ill will against another person. Due to aversion, human beings resist and avoid feelings which are unpleasant and also people whom we do not like. Human beings desire everything to be comfortable, pleasant and satisfying at all times. This behavior acts as a reinforcement about perception concerning separation and separation. Hated and anger forces human beings to in vicious circle of being in conflict and also having enemies in anywhere they occupy. When there conflict and also perception of enemies around us, the mind becomes neurotic and endlessly occupied with seeking strategies to protect or revenge against ones actions (Kornfield, J., Ed, 2012).? . Conflict can also be created within human beings when one develops an aversion towards feelings which are uncomfortable. Development of aversion and hatred, inner feelings like fear loneliness are usually treated as internal enemies in life. Due to this ill of hatred, mostly conflict and enemies are created within us all over the world. Most individuals have been influenced by greed and hatred. The work of carrying out purification and also transformation is not actually influenced by obedience to impatience desire to achieve quick results. Any work being done by any individual demands persistence, care and compassion for others and as well as ourselves. Buddha taught that the ills of hatred and greed, which in many cases cause much suffering to human beings, can actually be purified and transformed. The chain of suffering and negative karma can be broken and live a fulfilling and happy lives. The excellent teachings from Buddha reveal that enlighten is a true nature and will shine naturally especially when the mind is purified.in this view, the goal of spiritual practice is actually to liberate an individual from defilements which obstruct radiance, natural clarity and joy resulting from ones enlightenment. To overcome hatred, human beings should learn on how to practice compassion, forgiveness and also patience. Reaction s about unpleasant circumstances or people with hatred can be used to overcome this poisons in life. Individuals can learn to embrace openly the spectrum of their experiences without applying hatred. The way an individual is prepared towards coming across unpleasant experiences in the world with patience and kindness, it should also be prepared to meet one's own unpleasant t experiences in the same way. Individuals feeling of being lonely, fear, insecurity and depression require one to be open and kind- loving. Challenges in spiritual practice softens habitual defenses, open our hearts and makes hatred to go. Through this method, individuals are able to meet and embrace themselves, other people and all the other experiences by applying great wisdom and compassion. According to Buddhism, hatred and greed are regarded as main causes of which keep the human beings to be trapped in samsara. According to the wheel of life (sanskarit bhavacakra) the six realms of Asmara are given birth by hatred and greed. Ignorance is regarded as the main root cause of anger and greed (McWilliams, S. A. 2011). Ignorance is viewed as willful truth in the nature of life. It is also regarded to as blindness which obstructs the reality. Each individual is regarded as an important component of life as well as a victim of immense possibilities in it. Ignorance is actually regarded as a fundamental darkness because it obstructs the reality of life.in Buddhism ignorance is associated with identification of one self as each individual regards himself or herself as separate being. In many situation the word I is used and not anything else ton refer tom the individual. Collective generations avoided because every individual feel that he or she is unique from one another. This identification acts as basis for dualism views as since everyone is unique on one way or another. Creation of splint between individuals causes reaction which occurs on positive ways. On the other hand, there exist issues which seem to threaten and undermine ones existence. May be on way or another such issues seem to harm us or rather take away our identity as human beings. In most case they act as danger to our security. Base on this thinking, aversion crops up and again there are other issues which are so nice. Such issues are mostly desired to gain by everybody and this greatly increases the attachment between human beings. Specially, the practice of Buddha does not actually relieve sufferings from an individual from the time of birth until death unless one perceives true nature and reality of life. Greed and hatred acts as vice in any given community and individuals should strive to control such poisons of life to make life simple.


In conclusion, by learning more Dharma and applying its teachings in a proper manner in our lives, the stubborn behavior and habits will seek to exist gradually. This will liberate individuals from suffering and also unhappiness. This is actually referred to as "taintless liberty of the mind" according to Buddha.
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